The Twilight Saga

New Moon is around the corner! I have my calender marked for the midnight show! missing school will be worth it!
anybody else??

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me i can hardly wait i have brough my tickets all ready plan on see ing it more than once
Oh I do Im always counting down the days and look at my calendar just marking the days down till New Moon to come out.
sigh~ i have 8 days plus on's Nov. 28 here in where i am! grr..
i countdown everyday!! XD
im so glad i graduated high skol already && dont have any classes on that ima go mayb in the late morning so itz not crowded..thiz guy iz gon bring me.itz our tradition.the day we met wuz wen twilight came out..(aaawwww)..we gon kno each other 4 a yr wen new moon comez out...
i plan with my girls to skip class...hahaha
Same Here I Can't Wait Till New Moon!!!!!!
i do too
i have been counting down. im going to see it on the 21st
yeah cant wait till it comes out
im skippin school friday and going tursday night it will bw awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have my calender marked too I wont miss school for it though I would get in so much trouble and my mom would never let me


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