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New Moon is around the corner! I have my calender marked for the midnight show! missing school will be worth it!
anybody else??

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me too!!!
it will be worth it!
can't wait! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.
haha me too!
i cant wait to scream
totally it's going to be the best ever
I am I am!! I took 11/19 and 11/20 off of work! I plan on seenig it many times!!
me too!
i will spend every dime i have
yeah my mom wont let me so im going at the earliest time the next day! I have a count down on my myspace!
i'm counting the days too....can't wait! i'll go to every theatre in the city just to watch new moon.....
i`m also counting the days...but i`m sad coz in Romania NEW MOON comes out on 11/26:(( i have to wate:)
awee really? that sucks! well hang in there!
15 days tmw will be 14
I am


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