The Twilight Saga

Ok who's going to new moon on premiere day (please say you know when that is)** and who's not?

I'm going at 6" with a group of my awesomest friends and we r gonna rock the house. HBUG???

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Thats me im going. on the 24! : ) can't wait
I wouldn't miss if for anything! I am going to the midnight release here in Traverse City, MI on Thursday. My little sis and husband are going with!! It's gonna' be a blast!!!!
I'm going on Saturday because my daughter wanted to go and she is only 9 so I had to get tickets for when she was good to go for it and not tired because she gets up around 5 in the morning for school
Are you kidding I bought my tickets to the Midnight Showing here by me weeks ago just to make sure I would get in I have friends that are having to drive over an hour to get to a Midnight showing and I am taking some ppl with me as well
I've got my tickets (I'm going with my sister who's ahuge fan too) for the first day (Thursday November 19th) and the first showing (16:40) didn't have earlier :-(
I am going on Friday at 7:10 with a friend
We have tickets to the midnight showing on the 19th, but first we will be seeing Twilight once again even though we have the DVD. Can't wait!!!!
And then I am going again on Friday to the 10:00 P.M. show with my girlfriend.
I'm going to the speical midnight showing (scream) on thursday (scream) and then again on saturday with some other friends......xx
=D well it seems like most people are going to the earliest showing possible!!! my parents won't let me go to midnight since it's a school night... )= but I understand.... kinda!! (come on it's new moon!!!)
my towns premeir is thursday at ten and i actually convinced my parenst to let me go! i was so surprised cuz i wont be home till like one and then i'll be to excited to sleep. i'll be so tired on friday.
im goign to my towns pre show thursday night at ten!! :D:D i am so stoked, but i'll be exhousted at school the next day!! and then on friday again, and then again on tuesday... my mom said im not allowed to see it anymor eafte rthat


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