The Twilight Saga

Ok who's going to new moon on premiere day (please say you know when that is)** and who's not?

I'm going at 6" with a group of my awesomest friends and we r gonna rock the house. HBUG???

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It releases Midnight Friday Morning here, but I cannot go till Sunday because that was the sonnest I could get a sitter.. :( Oh well... im still totally stoked!!!!!
okay well where r u frm cuz me and my friednz are gonna go see it the night it comes out and we were looking at the times it comes out and it says only at 12:05pm ya midnight *omeing* datz why i wanted 2 no lol
XOXO (add me everyone)
i live in British Columbia Canada, and theres a 10 oclock showing on thursday i convinced my parents to let me go XD
lol i'm going with 2 friends on friday and then with another group of friends when they can go... people think i'm obsessed....wonder where they got that idea...??
I'm going durring the week. If I can wait, so far so It will only cost me 5 bucks to go durring the week. : ) If not this weekend, monday. Maybe I'll see it twice. :D
OMG! I am going MIDNIGHT/thurs!!! I bought my ticket OCT. 20! (Dork!) The wait is killing me!!!!!
Is there anyone going in houston, tx here?
im going on 22..its sad, i cant go to watch the premiere..
i have a ticket for twilight at 9pm on thursday followed by new moon at midnight.
I am going to the midnight showing on the 19 (can not wait!)
My best friend and I are going to the 12:01 showing Friday morning!! I said there was no way I would be able to wait until later on Friday, knowing it would've been out all day!! haha.


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