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i see your point...
Edward in the book defo - did anyone think Rob was hot in Harry Potter??????? Edward has totally made him its totally the charecter you think of everytime you look at him!
yeah i agree.
I agree.. in Harry Potter I didnt even look twice!!!
Edward is gorgeous, and that its Rob is just a bonus!!
totally agree , I didn't even think he was starring in HP till I saw his filmography. I couldn't belive it was the same person. Rob is so lucky to play Edward
i like Edward in book
Edward is sexier :X
Rob is ok in the movie, I like him but Edward in the book is sexier!!!
yeah i agree.
....edward..edward..edward...he's like a wine glass..smooth and sexy..and fragile to touch..haha(oa)
..but..i'd like to congratulate Rob..its not that bad..=]
LOL...a wine glass huh?...hmmmm.... sounds like more of you...=p


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