The Twilight Saga

ok so i notices there is alot of funny qoutes in the movie siad by rob and other ppl.

whats ur favorite

mine is ...when rob says tht his aunt drink because she wishes she was 21

or when he starts speaking in a french accent                     <3ed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



soo......whats urs?

ps. it doesnt have 2 b somt

hing funny just a quote u like or remember!!!

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i like the one about the aunt too where he is with his sister at the fountain.
yeah shes like micheal used 2 drink rob:cuz he was 21 ruby: ur 21 more talking than rob was like :ur aunt sarah drinks cuz she wishes she was 21..

my names sarah 2.rob said sarah AHHHH ok thts lame lol oh and just sayin it was a statue not a fountain.just sayn ;)
When his sister asks him to come to her art presentation, and he says, "abso-freaking-lutely". Lol.
Was I the only one who caught that part? Most ppl don't seem to remember it, or notice that he says that...
i also like the part where she throws up in the bathroom
shes like tyler can u call my dad ummm...sure he lets go of her hair ,she falls ally ur fones dead whats his # i love tht part
yeah :) i laugh so hard at it
oh and where he is goes to his dad's office the receptionist is like " you cant smoke in here" and Rob goes "then why do you have a ash tray" she goes " it completes the room" and rob goes " it must of just been there to tease me" --- something along those lines

and also when his friend makes him meet Ally and he goes "What am I supposed to say to this
girl? "Hey doll face, your dad trampled all over my civil liberties, wanna make out?""
i also like the part where he yells at his father
i love robs acting in tht scene
i think hes hotter in human form without the makeup
i personally love him bettr scruffy like in the movie
I agree, as a human, definitely. As Edward he's gorgeous. As a human, he's too hot for words!
I Agree u Sarrah..
I think jst b4 the shower scene when Emili empty the pot on him... And rob carry her to the Bathroom
Oh...dn tell tht... I m melting


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