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I absoulutly adore Twilight. The girl that said Twilight was Gay..Well she needz therapy..And if Twilight is soooo "Gay" what are you doing on the freakin fan site!

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That is what I am saying!
I'm gay and I like Twilight. But I agree, Twilight is not limited to a gay audience. Nor is being gay a bad thing!
You are right you do not have to be straight to be a Twihard. You can be you and love them just the same.
Amen sista. I get so tired of people hating on Twilight when in fact they are to scared to get with the fad and love Edward or Jacob as much as we do.
I will be the first to say I was never interested when they first came out. But I was in Guam when New Moon came out and my best friend begged me to go with her and from then on I was hooked. I read all the books in a week before seeing Twilight. My husband say's I'm obsessed but o'well. I can't help myself.
ur %100 right what is she doing here?

my freind people have diffrent opians on the matter of twlight some find it

instullting to the vampire race

som adore it and would kill any body who even says a word bad about it

then they are the lucky fuew who like it but is not obssesed who hate it but do not make crittcal veuws

and of corce there are the ppl who dont care couldent be botherd so fortth

and there are ppl who say what the beepers is twililght


your friend is probbaly one who i have not mentond the ones who laufe and joke about it but scretly love it xx


by the way why are all the fit lads gay know so not fair xx no offence

and at leest 10 maby 13 of my friends are gay no offence and some like twlilght some dont so u dont have to be strait or gay to like twlight


thats offishal CACE CLOUSED


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