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I absoulutly adore Twilight. The girl that said Twilight was Gay..Well she needz therapy..And if Twilight is soooo "Gay" what are you doing on the freakin fan site!

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I'm gay and I like Twilight. But I agree, Twilight is not limited to a gay audience. Nor is being gay a bad thing!
She has a right to voice her opinion just like everyone else does. I don't like what she said, but what can we do about it? She is not the only one who feels that way and she won't be the last either. Don't let silly opinions get you all worked up, this site is here for the fans to interact and have fun with each other as friends, not to argue over silly opinions.
Who ever called all of us twi hard fans gay needs to look in the mirror at herself. i am a married to a man and very much a twi hard fan
Like I said, I'm a gay Twihard. I know others, too.


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