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i just dont get it

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i think she meant.
"Why did edward date bella?"
am i correct savannah? cuz that's the Q im answeing.
Yes I didn't get it etheir
I don't get it
i think its " why did edward date bella?" but really i dunno either haha
its rather y did edward date/bite bella
haha.. answer both then...

1. why did edward bite bella

2. why did edward date bella

lol xD
no he bit her cuz he didnt want her to have to became a vampire and so he had 2 suc the venom out of her blood.
ummm... Edward never bit Bella... in Twilight he sucked d venom out of her hand (w/out biting her) n in BD he injected his venom into her via a needle
LOL I know right...
because he fell in love with her. if you havent finished new moon yet than im not gonna spoil anything but he just is in love w/ her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

isn't that y u wood date some1?
ok you guys i did not mean to couse this much tuble want i was tring to say is why did edward bite bella


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