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i dont get it is like they say they dont like and they also think that bella doesnt like it because she never wears it. i am not saying a am mad at some people who think that i just wanted to know if u guys think its beautiful or ugly COMMENT!

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i love the ring. it's so pretty!!
I like it but I think it could have been prettier
i agree

me too

How? it is so pretty??
I just pictured the setting to be more antique looking. More feminine and the oval a little smaller.
maybe some people doesn't like it cuz its not in their taste?  I think its lovely but its not my type.  My type is just a plain band with small diamond on it.  but the ring is supposed to be old fashioned ... like it was Edward's mother's ring.  older type of rings were different then than it is now.  :)  Bella didn't wear it because of 2 people..... CHARLIE and JACOB!!!.... not because she didn't like it.  they don't know what they are talking about.
You are right, I just finished Eclipse again and  I remember her saying how beautiful it was. She loved the ring I think she just had fears around getting married.
i also agree with you!
I think the ring is beautiful.... believe me, i don't wear mine all the time... the feeling is still there.. but just want to keep it safe xx
@toni i remember that from the book 2 but i just wanted to know if u guys like the ring because  i know someone who HATES the ring so i just wanted to know
The ring was Edward's mom's, Elizabeth's ring. It's special, and beautiful, alot of sentimental value. Bella loves it! She didn't wear it because she didn't want Jacob mad, or her dad, Charlie confused! If Bella does hate it, which she doesn't, that would be plain idiotic!


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