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Really why are you on Team Edward and not on Team Jacob............ :)

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I don't like Edward more than Jacob, I just like Edward with Bella!
Stephenie shows us everything from Bella's point of view (except in Breaking Dawn, duh) but we are shown in all aspects why Bella loves Edward and how deep that love goes. Even when he leaves in New Moon, and even with Jacob there with her, she's torn apart on the inside. Twilight is about Bella. Bella loves Edward. Hense, team Edward.
I can feel the chemistry, the love and the heartache between Bella and Edward. I don't feel that with Jacob.

My family are team Jacob and they argue saying that Edward left Bella. First of all he believed he was protecting her by leaving, second of all Jacob left her too when he discovered he was a werewolf so that arguement cannot be used against Edward as it goes for Jacob too!

May I ask why are you Team Jacob?
1st because Edward is a Vampire and i'm fond of vampires!
2nd because Edward has everything a girl on this planet can ask!
3rd because Edward is so much more mature, non selfish and can sacrifice everything for Bella
4th because Edward is going to live FOREVER!
The 3rd point for me is the main reason I mean, he does everything just thinking in her happiness even stay away of her life to let her move on... he is just pefect, jacob... not
honestly, because I think Jacob is selfish and his behavior is borderline abusive
he encourages bella to do dangerous things so he can continue to spend time with her, he disregards her feelings concerning the cullens and hurts bella through his constant insults toward them, he forces himself on her with a kiss she does not want, he refuses to respect her feelings, and he then uses emotional blackmail to force bella into another kiss. I honestly don't understand why anyone would want a boyfriend like that.

Yes, I know Edward has a few controlling moments. But this behavior is genuinely in response to Bella's wanting to do something that could put her in harm's way, more overprotective than controlling--and the most questionable incidents, his trying to keep Bella away from La Push in the beginning of Eclipse, he does eventually respect Bella's wishes and respect her decision to spend time with Jacob.
urmm i dont really like the way jacob acts, hes seems selfish immature and reckless. he doesn't care if edwards there or not he will just not give in and realize bella loves him more. i joined team edward 'cos hes 1 flipping gorgeous hes 2 selfless 3 he would go to the ends of the universe to make sure bella was happy. he didnt even flip in eclipse when she kissed jacob! i have always loved vampires and the thought of one that was so fond of a human and even though he loved her he distanced himself 'cos he didnt know if he could control himself that just really touched me. i actually cry whenever hes responding in a way that is selfless or emotive towards anything in the books (i did not just admit that!) as a vampire lover i dont know weather or not im prone to a dislike to werewolfs or not but i have always and always will prefer edward to jacob. hes everything a girl could wish for. :)
I really agree with you, whn they kissed i expected some big fight scene, hes too perfect, too understanding.
He's strong, caring, HOT and perfect :) x
I like Jacob...but not with Bella.
When I read the scenes between them both I cringe, It's like he becomes a childish boy who can't get what he wants so he'l stamp his feet untill he does. And he'l make everyone around him suffer and hurt until he finally does.
Plus it's so easy to fall for a vampire, you cant tell me you don't like Edward?
He was created for people to like him, it happens :P x
oh god I love you! thank you for understanding that
Because he's edward! what more is ther 2 say? he is sweet and charming and sacrificing and he loves bella more than himself,I mean how many guys do that? and he loves her unconditionally. as in even if she didnt love her he wouldve always loved her no matter what, but with jacob it;s different in a weird way, yes jake will always love bella, but he tries to make bella fall for him. I do like jake but sometimes... Edward is so sacrificing he is ready to give bella up so long as she is happy. He loves her enough to cause himself unbearable emotional pain. Jacob cant hack that. He is not ready to give bella up. And o.k he h8s edward (he's jealous) but WHAT is wrong woth the rest of the cullens. Why does he hate carlisle and emmet and esme (especially why does he h8 them?) they are good betta than some humans, and so innocent. What the hell is his problem?
Hi, I have to agree with all of you who says the reasons about Edward being better than Jake. There is noone better than Edward.


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