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the first time jacob was in the first book(twilight) i hated him. at first, all he did was take attention away from edward, but then he started manipulating bella(in eclipse) and then when he imprinted on renesmee(in breaking dawn) i was just totally disgusted again and again. I dont see how anyone could ever like him and i was just wondering what some other reasons that people hate jacob are.

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manipulitive, controling, not really a best friend and that imprinting thing gross come on thats like your bf going after your sister. Plus it takes away a persons freewill to choose
I really don't hate him, but in this last movie (new moon) he had his own reasons for wanting Bella to get over Bella and it doesn't matter to him enough to just want her to be happy. He never thinks about that through all of the books. I don't think that he really deep down is in love with her, he just wants something that he will never have! She will always belong with Edward and that is my main reason for wanting her with Edward because he was willing to let her go just to keep her safe, even though he couldn't live without her himself. HE put himself through pain for her even though that isn't what she wanted in the first place. That is my main reason.
I agree with this. That's why I like Edward so much. It's who she's meant to be with.
Actually, Jacos doesn't that bad... He has his own way to think thing... And he was the one who stay with Bella when Edwad leave her...
But still, Edward is the best!
i just hate jacob!
he egoist and selfish, specially when he kissed bella aggressively!!!
and than he was happy!!!
i like them both edward and jacob and i think its not fair to say that he was the bad guy.he loved bella and he never made a secret that he loves her.when we love we fight right?and bella loved him just not as much as she did edward.when edward told her not to see him again she didnt listen to him,so i think that gave hope to jacob.i think it was all bella's fault.she didnt want to break up with jacob and she was the one who begged him to come back.ok he imprinted on nessie whats bad in that?all he want is to make her happy and he does not see her in bad whats disgusting in that???
but...Edward didn't hate Jacob, at first yes, but it was Jacobs love for Bella that Edward really liked. He was very mature about everything even if Jacob wasn't. And I know I don't have to remind anyone, but Edward is 100 and some odd years, Jacob was Sixteen-Seventeen. Bella didn't have to fall for it either, but in the end she did end up with the right choice. I really think that in the serious situation that Bella's life was at stake Edward appreciated that someone else would have done anything for Bella. Which Jacob truly would have. I really did not agree with the imprinting either that was weird...but Edward said it himself at the end of the book with Nessie and the other half vam-human, all he really cared about was what was best for's hard to say...sorry I know ur all gonna hate me for sayin it:(
I don't think hate is the word... You begin to like Jacob in NM because he helps Bella come back to life, but in Eclipse, he tries to come between them. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE EDWARD, but Jacob was there to pick up the pieces when Edward left.
I dont like him because he always is trying to break Bella and Edward up when Bella told him " It will always be Edward."
I hated him too..
He didn't respect Bella's decision...
and kept trying to take Bella away from Edward...
He even tricked Bella to kiss him in Eclipse...
He nearly trashes Bella n Edward's wedding...
there were too many reason to hate him...
If we are using Bella as the voice of reason.....thats a flaw in itself. The girl flip flopped more than anyone in that story so she isnt the best source. She would say one thing and then do another so just because Bella said so doesnt make it a good reason at all. She was ridiculous at times especially in Eclipse.
In Twilight Jacob was okay, I mean he was just this boy who had a crush on someone, he was a placeholder in the story. When he saw that Bella and Edward were together he accepted that and kept his distance. But in New Moon his bad side starts to show. When Edward leaves he thinks he has a shot at winning Bella over, but he doesn't see the obvious. She is still in love with Edward and is grieving over his absence. He won't accept the fact that he and Bella can only be friends, he doesn't accept it when she tells him that she's not interested. He just keeps trying to get her to like him and this hurts her in the long run. When Bella leaves him to go save Edward he should have taken the hint right then and there. Then throughout the end of New Moon and almost all of Eclipse he is constantly rude to Edward, even though Edward is repeatedly polite to him. In Eclipse he thought about Bella the night that Edward left her, just to hurt Edward. Edward knows how much Jacob means to Bella and would never hurt him, since he knows it would hurt her. Jacob forcibly kissed her and threatened to kill himself in order to make her kiss him. He repeatedly hurts Bella and through her, Edward.
Jacob does have a few moments where his is a good friend, though there aren't many once we get to about the middle of New Moon. All in all, Jacob would be a much better person if he gave Edward and Bella some space. He can be a good person, but he usually he's just plain rude.


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