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Ok, so i was talking to my mom the other day and she asked me why i was on team Edward. I told her because he doesnt want to be a monster and he protects Bella. Even though he thinks he is huring her by being with her, he is Bell's sole mate. I am not one of those carzi "I want to marry Edward" people, i just like the character and Rod Pattinson. SOOOOO Why are U in team Edward????


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So why????


I think the same as you.

I don't really know, to be honest.. But I agree with you, I'm not the one who loves Edward because of his physical appearance..

It's just that Ilike Edward more, and the way he cares about Bella, and the way he do things and so on..

I think that Twilight saga is somehow love story between Edward and Bella, vampire and human. Jacob somehow comes as something thats trying to destroy their love, even though he is not a bad guy..

I am Team Edward because of the depth of his love, the passion he wields regarding everything he does, the compassion he has for his "enemies" (like Jacob), and the strength and courage he has to risk everything -- his heart, his existence -- for what he truly believes is right (like when he left Bella in New Moon -- something I admire, even if I didn't necessarily like it). Imagine spending decades fighting this demon inside you, hating yourself, and watching three perfectly matched couples -- being in their heads, feeling and knowing that perfect love -- while you're all alone, being the seventh wheel so to speak, and having not an ounce of hope that such love was ever meant for someone like you, because you see yourself as a monster... And then, by some miracle, you find true love! You've been given someone to live for, and this love is amazing and you've never been happier! But then you have to leave it behind in order to protect the person you love, and you have to hurt them in the process, but you know it's better for them this way. Suddenly, you're alone again, more miserable than before, too, because that blissful love was in your reach and you HAD to let it go, no matter how much it killed you to do it. You also know there is no second chance at love for you -- that was it. And being a vampire, that pain will NEVER die, you will NEVER forget. But your lover will be happy and safe and they'll move on in time, and that's all that matters, so you are determined to live with the pain, the misery for an eternity, for them...

Maybe leaving didn't work out for Bella the way Edward thought it would, but he truly believed that would save her, that she'd be happier over time, and the strength it took to do...that's love.

It's that passion, I think, that defines the character that is Edward. That's what makes me like him so much, too. Whether it's protecting Bella, making her happy, or defending his family, or just doing what's right, he will risk his life and fight, even believing he won't get anything in return for his actions (like a shot at Heaven, or Bella's love in return).

Of course, it's that same passion that drives his flaws to extremes, too -- like being overprotective, possessive, and obsessive -- but hey, not even Edward Cullen is perfect. ;)

By the way... I DO want to marry Edward, and I'm NOT crazy! ;D :P

i so agree with that! WOW!!

Well put. That is exactly how I feel. It would be so hard to be in his families heads and know their love for each other and not to find love for yourself. Edward is my favorite because is so romantic and protective of Bella. Who wouldnn't want that?

I'm on team Edward because he is so mature about everything and loving towards Bella and his family. He's an amazing person, even if he doesn't think so. i mean, what isn't great about a hot guy who has a brain, is sensitive, kind, and protects you? his looks are just a bonus. he puts the people he loves before him and really cares for others. and the character of jacob is too immature most of the time and doesn't seem like he cares that he is hurting bella more than necessary by forcing her to realize she loves him, when he really knew it wouldn't change anything for the better. PLUS, Robert Pattinson is an amazing actor. And i fell in love with him by reading the books over and over again. So yea, i want to marry him.

I like Edward because of his looks. Also the way he cares for Bella. I think he is the hottest man I have ever seen. I love how him and Bella are so much in love. But I don't like Jacob at all.
im on team edward because If i was in his shoes I would leave to keep the person I lovez and I would do everything to keep him sfe and happy

Awesome answers guys!!!!!!!! keep um coming!Hypnotized.By.Golden.Eyes i agree wit u 100%! same wit u Vladimir Stankovic,

calipso cullent  and everyone else!


good finally someone agrees with me thanks lol dark angle gotta fly now bye


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