The Twilight Saga

Why is he your ideal?? What is it?
Not how hot or handsome he is, though that counts, :)

Well for me, Edward Cullen, just is...Edward. How caring and sweet he is. A wicked sense of humour but still kind. Thoughtful of others, Angela in Midnite Sun. Courteous and gentlemanly, the old-fashioned romance just gets me, kisses on the forehead, opening doors, Asking Charlie's blessing, Sweeping Bella up for thresholds... all that doesnt make him cheesy, or corny or pretentious. Why? Because he is, who he is. No pretending, no lying, no cheating, loyalty and unconditional love for eternity. To find someone even a tenth like him would be a miracle. And that's who he is, our personal miracle.

Your turn, y'all!
Favorite quotes, habits (playing the piano, to die for, right?) ,sparkling! Anything Edward!

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i like him because he is sweet and caring. not only is he sexy but he has a great personality too. like you i love all the old fashion love, i think it is so romantic, and it shows how much he really cares for bella. it is also because he is such a teenage boy deep down inside, yet he is mature and sensable. he has a soul - despite what he thinks.

my fav quote has to be 'And you’re worried, not because you’re headed to meet a houseful of vampires, but because you think those vampires won’t approve of you, correct?'
I think you pretty much said it Riva. Couldnt agree more.
Me 2!
agree ! :)
I love him because he cares so much for Bella, he's so protective over her, and he'd never let anything happen to her. I was real men were like that, men don't care about anything but themselves, Edward is totally selfless.
Edwrad Cullen is sweet and caring.He doesn't say Bella is hot he says she is beautiful.I also luv the old-fashioned romance, kisses on the cheek and forehead and opening doors, having a marriage the traditional way. It really does show how much he cares for bella.It isn't an act or a lye that's just who he is.He has a great personality too.He isn't selfish and would give up his life for Bella.He is very gentleman like and courteous.But he also has that seventeen year old boy in him like others have said.I think he is the type of guy every girl wants to have has a boyfriend or husband.Why can't guys be like Edward Cullen?? i like three quotes mainly..
And so the lion fell in luv with the lamb.
So your not worried about being with a household of vampires,but that they won't like you, correct?
Take care of my heart-I've left it with you.
Reading your different perspectives on Edward is a delight, guys!!

I guess Edward is a gentleman. He concerns about the girl he loves, he takes care of her. He's a musician, a great one by the way. He's romantic. He's heroic. He's a vampire. He's smart. He's a mind reader. He has a great personlity, he's sensible, he's mature. He's sexy and fashionable (maybe because of his sister, but who cares?). He doesn't lie, he would never cheat on his girl. He´s like the perfect guy. He's able to wait for the right moment, for the right girl. He's able to show an eternal and unconditional love. He's pretty much awsome. He's just...he. Edward Cullen, the most perfect guy on earth... and he's not even human. (I guess that's what makes him even more desirable).

wow! Meggy you took the words right out out of my mouth!
I hope too, Pooh!
Omigawsh you are extremely right!!!
i never thought of those key points but yeah he is like that...
thats what makes me fall in love with him more and more and more and more...

thank you now i know why i really do love him
I like him because he is so old fashion. He is a gentalman and dosnt play with your emotions.
I love a guy who knows music, i dont care if he plays clarnet, but that is HAWT! I love the kisses on the forehead, the holding her hair back when shes sick, and how he does wat she wants and wats best for her, not wat he wants.


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