The Twilight Saga

I'm compilying a list about why we all LOVE twilight and needed a little help...
leave comments and let me know why you love twilight

and if you haven't seen this yet take a look (link below)

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I think the love story between edward and bella is so intense that you get drawn into it so easily.

Also, in certain aspects of the film you can relate, for example, the high school scenes, the awkwardness between the couple as they get to know each other - it's happended to us all.

I just love the story and can't wait for all the films to be finished.
I agree =)
I agree too.
I love the plot and all the characters dont we all wish we had are Edward and Jake and of course Alice.......I know I wish I was
I love twilight because there really good books I would have to say that twilight the movie sucked I know new moon is better but were does alec and edward fight in the book they don't thats the only thing bad about new moon.I have read twilight 3 times,newmoon 2 times,eclipse 5 times and breaking dawn 3 times.I mostly love these books because i love vampires and there not some chessey love story crap.Its just teanager things and its something someone can relate to except the vampires and shapeshifters.Like i was saying its something alot of girls and even boys can relate to these books.Stephanie myer is a fantastic writter.Some books are like okay well this is really boreing just get to the point already but these books have a main idea and its easy to find!there like a really long recount I bet alot of people wish they were bella like come o haveing a hot vampire and a hot wolf fight for you!Lastly,there just very great books that you can't ever put down its hard not to love twilight!And truely its not a very good love story but thats okay with me there still awsome and I still love THEM!
Its a wonderful series and it the series that got me to LOVE reading BOOKS lol.I use to hate read. I though it was a waste of time. After reading theTwilight series a new world open up for me.Now i cant get enough of reading, vampires warewolfs, shape sifters, and all that good stuff. I have found more book that i enjoy reading, like The City of Bones serie or The Vampire Academy Series and many more. I have STEPHENIE MEYER and her TWILIGHT SERIES to THANK. LOL
I really love being lost in the overall story and have fallen in love with the characters... They way Ms. Meyers describes Bella's feelings are SPOT ON with how I feel/felt about my husband when we were dating and when he travels. The flutters in the stomach and the hole when he is not around...I truly have my Edward and it makes me smile every time I look at him!!!

I have friends like Jake and the pack and fluff acquaintances like the HS kids.

But I am not sure why I have become so obsessed with all the aspects, buying T-shirts, books (multiple copies) magazines, twittering, This site and the Movies, don't get me started on the movies I am so ready for them all to be sitting on my shelf so I can watch them over and over like I have Twilight...

Love, supernatural and the possibility of anything happening is just wonderful. This is a world I love to get lost in and do frequently...

Totally Devoted Fan..... T
1 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
2 Bella the clumsy awkward "normal girl"
3 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
4 Emmett-hsi strength and his wit
5 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
6 Jasper-his shy yet amazing personality
7 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
8 Rosalie-her self absorbed mentality
9 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
10 Alice-her quirky funny and absolutely amazing personality
11 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
12 Esme-her understanding and love for everything
13 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
14 Carlisle-his patience and his ability to protect his family
15 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
16 Jacob-his protecting of bella
17 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
18 Edward and Bella's romance
19 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
20 Edward-the hottest vampire in existence
i love twilight cause of the natural chemistry between bella and edward it's so romantic and it makes everyone want that
i got 3 words 4 u- Edward,Jacob,Jasper.
the way edward and bella go against all that think that a vampire can't date a human, and the way they 'fight' to stay together....
i think i love twilight so much is bescuse of the love story
between edward and bella.
and i just cant wait for the films to be finished :)


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