The Twilight Saga

I'm compilying a list about why we all LOVE twilight and needed a little help...
leave comments and let me know why you love twilight

and if you haven't seen this yet take a look (link below)

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I love the story line. I couldn't put the book down. Even when I reread them I still couldn't stop.
I love it because once you start reading, you just can't stop. I feel completely absorved by the world created by Stephenie... It's like one thing I read once on a magazine about the books: "People not only want to read Meyer's books, they want to get inside and live there". Well, that's exactly what I feel.
The love story! of course what else? Bella is so normal and simple and Edward falls head over heels for her. The trails they face (together) is very interesting it keeps u wanting more
I think, that we're drawn into the story, because despite the difficulties that the characters face, they actually have a good time, because they stick together. They're so close to each other. I believe that everyone would like something like that in their lives. However, since something like that doesn't happen very often in real life, we're trying to find it through the story.
I know I do, anyway!


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