The Twilight Saga

So if you could choose wich one would it be??Rob the shy still cute one or Edward the protective thoughtful one?Choose well my friends think it deep.........because not only think about the character think about what you like.The shy person is not your thing?You dont like guys that are over protective on you that dont let you do much?You must know Rob to choose and im sure you've seen at least one interview right?


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I AGREE WITH YOU CHASE!!! *wisper*why do you think i didn put my choice up there:)
HaHaha! *wisper*I know.........

I laught lik crazy when i first saw it!!
i would have both as i cant choose
Good choice good choice!
thanxs i seem to think so to lol
they are both great:)
You dont know robert!!!? o well Edward is just realy romantic so i love his character for that:)
Can I have both. ok if i have to choose I would probally end up choosing Edward he is everything I want so is Robert but rob is to famous and we would never have time together since he is always busy and we wouldnt have any privacy with Edward I would have privacy and we would have time with each other. and the eternity with Edward is just to good to pass up.
Eternity with edward!!?? omy never thought of it that way ......i have to rethink couse i hadny choosed yet......?
I choose Edward!! Thats the one i fell for!!!
the book edward yea he was the fantasy of girls from the star:)


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