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Another person on Eclipse production gets the boot.

Apparently, the editor put on the Eclipse film just got fired. This is the person who’s worked with tri-quel director David Slade in post-production on other movies like 30 Days of Night and Hard Candy, but according to reports, Summit just wanted a stronger edit for Slade’s material. It’s being said that the new editor on the project, Nancy Richardson, better understands the emotion of the characters and really can balance the action into the movie. Keep in mind that Richardson worked with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke on the first film in the Saga.

Concerned?  Excited?   Terrified of a delay?

please comment.

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well i dont understand where your getting your information but if there was a delay with it then why are they bringing out the traliers from my information its ready to go on june 30th and breaking dawn is coming out sometime next year.
I haven't heard that. Eclispe comes out on the 30th of June and I believe that Breaking Dawn is coming out on Nov 20, 2011
elcipse is a def but breaking dawn still isnt in production they haven't even decided whos doing to and they haven't signed anyone yet!
Eclipse is coming ouot 30th june this year the date has been talked about for months.
Where dit you got the info from? You shouldn't believe everything just because you read it somewhere, some people just fancy around and absolutely not everything is true. I hope Eclipse won't be delayed because I'm really looking forward to it, but I think that if it would.. they would have mentioned it already..
Where are you getting your info from?
Don't believe everything you hear. All my movie sites still say it will be in theaters 6/30! And why would they put out trailers already if they were going to delay it. Maybe you are thinking Break Dawn will come out later...who knows!
I actually heard about this. The editor for the movie was fired, then they hired a new one because they didn't think that the other editor put in enough scenes that show the bond between Edward and Bella. Though I still think it will come out on June 30th, thats just what I heard though.


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