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Oh yes, its true! The Eclipse movie trailer will finally premiere before Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me.

Now this brings up a question of motivation.  Will you go to see Remember Me just to see the Eclipse trailer?  Do you not care about Eclipse and just want to see Rob in Remember Me?  Or are you just tossing the whole thing aside and saying you’re going–and who cares about reasons?

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no remember me was in my plans to see it anyway.
I will go see Remember Me b/c Robert is in it. It looks like a good movie from the trailers. I can't wait for Eclipse. I just got my Jacob Black Barbie in the mail today and now I have a complete collection. I have Edward, Bella and Jacob. Perfection! TwiHard Fan ElvishChick.
no idea
that would probably be one reason i went to see the movie but i actually want to see Remember no that would not be the only reason i went
What? No, ofcourse not! I was planning on watching Remember Me anyway, I want to see that movie so badly, I really can not wait when it comes out in theaters. It's just coincidence that the Eclipse trailer will be showed before the movie, so that's absolutely no reason.
No I will stay to see the movie. I want to see rob grow in his acting. Plus I really want to see the movie
yeah that would be one of the many reasons y i wanna see that movie haha
ok thats really smart pay 10 to see a 28 second clip. If there are people who do that they arent to bright.
i want to go for rob
I wanted to see it anyway but OME!!! what a bonus eh?! lmao cant wait!
no iil go see iit because rob
iis so gorgeouz. the ecliipse
traiilor iis a bonus, lol


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