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PLEASE BE HONEST- would u seriously want jacob as a friend (me-yes)

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Yes! He puts Bella together again and is there to protect her when she needs him.. He is always there for her!
i mean just because i love edward doesnt mean i cant like jacob as a friends so its like giving credit
Yes. I don't hate Jacob, just didn't like how he did things with Bella. but he was a good friend so I wouldn't mind having him as a friend.
yeah i hate him 2 but i am just giving him a brake because he has like no friends
I would. He is an incredible friend, especially when Edward leaves. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a friend.
I don't agree with Jacob's choices of action a lot of the time (most of the time), and he irritates me with his arrogance, prejudice, and immaturity...but when he's not stuck acting out of self-pity, he's a very sunny, carefree, loyal person who will make you laugh. He sacrificed many things for Bella even when he was heartbroken, and he even helped out his enemies (for Bella), and that's a sign of a good friend. Jacob is very much "best friend" material. But, in my eyes, I just don't see him as "soul mate" material...
yes..who will not want that..he is a true friend..


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