The Twilight Saga

Would you like to see all of the books retold from Edward's point of view?

I would.I would because his minds is important for me, I would because at times when he looks at his golden eyes to Bella I give everything to understand that what he is thinking at this time.

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I agree. Yessss I hope SM does that
absolutelly agree !!!
Who don't want this?

I want this like air. It would be so awesome to fill all the gaps with Edwards words. :)
Of course! You always learn so much more by seeing the same thing through someone else's eyes. I think we would all be able to understand a little bit more about Edward and the series if it were through his eyes. I know I did by only reading the draft of Midnight Sun.
yes I especially wanna see New Moon in his point of view and see what he was doing while he was gone and also breaking dawn I wanna see the honeymoon in his point of view and I also wanna see how he feels about nessie more there wasnt alot interaction between them and it doesnt really show how Edward feels about her in the end of the book.
YES!! i loved reading midnight sun and i hope stephenie finishes it and the other books would be amazing from edwards piont of view
twilighters you are amaizing!we all want it;)
i would love to see all of the books in his point of view!!!!!!!!!!! the more edward the better! lol. no. the reason i want it the most si to see his point of view on things. the point of view for a vampire is going to be different than a human's for starters. then edward considers himself damned so that'll be cool to see his outlook on life detailed. in bella's point of view, she mentions it, but not very detailed. i think that edward's point of view would make them more interesting as well and change the way TEAM JACOB-ASS fans look at edward and the Twilght Saga books.

i hope that stephenie would write it!!!
I would like that alot. I want to know what he is thinking. I hope that Stephanie finish Midnight Sun.


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