The Twilight Saga

I was wondering r u people in team Edward cause u like Robert Pattinson or cause u like Edward the character?

as for me I joined team Edward because I like Edward the perfect, charming Vampire character. I can't deny that Rob is good looking but I don't "like" him.

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Ofcourse because of Edward, not because Rob.
yeah! edward is perfect!

but i don´t like robert pattinson
i'm here because i like edward...the character <3
Im not Team Edward because of Robert yeah he is hot but im team Edward because of the way he is the ways that he is cabable of loving and he has all the charactestics that we want in a dream lover and he is willing to give up his own happiness so that the person he loves could be safe and happy if thats not true love I dont know what is.
I'm Team Edward because I fell for Edward the character. Yeah sure Rob is hot, but I think that people shouldn't base their team on the actors. The actors and the characters are two completely different things.
i am so on team edward and rob is the perfect person to play edward and he is really hot!
I'm for Edward due to the character in the book. Rob is the guy who plays him. I think he does a pretty good job at that.
i joined team edward because i like his character. he is more than just a vampire, he seems so real.
4sure i like the ed character. he charming,caring,n loving.
thanks to stephenie 4 bring this frenzy...
hope my future hubby just like him...
Im Team Edward because i love them both. In my eyes Edward is perfect. There isn't one thing that i could fault him on. Stephenie created the most charming charater. But that's what he is - a character. He isn't real, just imaginary. And i think that it would be most difficult to find a real man that was anything close to him.
Robert for me seems to be a really nice, genuine guy. Totally normal and himself, which is what i adore about him. So many people become arrogant with fame but Rob comes across as so down-to-earth. He is exactly my type of guy and he is also ridiculously handsome too. That much is clear!
EDWARD!! people should remember that the teams are about the characters and not the people playing them!!!


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