The Twilight Saga

I was wondering r u people in team Edward cause u like Robert Pattinson or cause u like Edward the character?

as for me I joined team Edward because I like Edward the perfect, charming Vampire character. I can't deny that Rob is good looking but I don't "like" him.

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Definitely because Edward Cullen. Robbert is just a mask for Edward in the movie.
who do you think could've played Edward better? Who's young, handsome, decent cheek bones and got the x-factor?
definitely the written character but Robert Pattinson's not bad either...
I am team Edward solely because of the amazing character in Stephenie's books. The actor is simply portraying. Robert is good, but people need to realize the difference between Edward and him. Edward is not Robert Pattinson and Robert is not Edward. Also, I love Taylor Lautnor. He is a very talented actor, but I'm not a fan of Jacob.
I am in i for Edward no Rob.
I like edward more than jake because he is more gentalmanly,charming, over protective and he is the only one who would risk everything for her, his life before hers.
ofcourse because of edward not rob
Im team edward because I love Edward not Rob. Edward is just perfect
cuz one he is like the perfect bf and he is hot but ttly not cuz of rob even though my heart pounds when i hear his name but i wish i was bella having the most perfect bf ever
I think both are awesome no matter what but i do like R Pattz because when i see him i do imagine Edward Cullen!?!
I'm in team edward because of Edward Cullen not Rob. The movies r great but the books are better by far!


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