The Twilight Saga

I was wondering r u people in team Edward cause u like Robert Pattinson or cause u like Edward the character?

as for me I joined team Edward because I like Edward the perfect, charming Vampire character. I can't deny that Rob is good looking but I don't "like" him.

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Team Edward because of the character...BUT, I do absolutely adore Rob!!! If the character of Edward an the actual person of Rob could be fused into 1 person then that would be the PERFECT man. The only thing I would change about Edward in the movie versions at least...I would of let Rob use his English accent, just because it's so sexy!!
I'm here because of Edward. I LOVE EDWARD SO MUCH!!! I always dream about him. He's too perfect. And Rob, I don't understand why you guys like him so much. He acted stink. He embarrassed Edward by acting like that.
love edward and rob as well rob is uber hot, and i fell for the character of edward, i just though everything about him was perfect and when i found out that rob patz was gonna play im i was happy too cuz like i said before rob is hottt
Edward of course, but i cant deny that robert pattinson is good looking


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