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You guys say you don't like Vampires Suck it is a parody then I have a question

Alot of you say you will never go to see vampires suck I agree I am not going to go see it I am a hardcore twi-hard  but that brings me to my questions it is a parody well the cast that put on the twilight conventions the hillywood show also have parody's of the movies and there are really good does that mean you will not watch them? I am curious to see the response I get

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No, I won't (and haven't) watched any parodies. I don't really like the concept. The idea of spoofing something--twilight, or anything else--just lacks originality and creativity to me. It's like these people are admitting they're not talented or creative enough to come up with their own ideas, so they make themselves famous by making fun of someone else's talents. I just don't see the point. And I know stuff like that is supposed to be funny, but all the previews look just silly, not humorous, in my opinion.
well thank you I havent seen the twilight parody just the new moon one and the only reason i like it is bella is like kicking arse and taking names and i like going to start a fight playing in the background
i've seen it, because i thought the trailer was funny. unfortunately, that's it. the TRAILER is funny, the movie isn't. well, kudos to the edward guy, he seemed to be okay trying to copy r-pattz's expressions, but the one playing bella looked like she was trying too hard. the jokes seemed a little too pat, too, as with the storyline.
I hate parodies, I've never watch one, I just
hate that kind of movies.
Specially this one because is to make fun
of my favorite movies.
I like the little parodies on YouTube that people make, or the ones before the MTV Movie Awards were funny. My friends and I will make up little parodies of Twilight and our favorite shows/movies/books, going "What if..." and starting these hilarious scenarios that make fun of and twist our favorite things. But with the parody movies there's just something lacking in them, and I feel it's a waste of money. They're never funny; just stupid. They always try too hard and it feels more insulting than the fun parodies of other people. I've never likeed the big parody movies. Even if I don't like the movie they're making fun of, it still has that bashing feel to them and they're jokes are predictable, shallow, and bland. That's not entertaining to me. And the trailer and clips from Vampires Suck doesn't make it seem worth watching.
Guys, please relax...I am hardcore, really no offense, my friends think Twilight when they see me...but I have to say that I saw this parody on the internet and it was completely hilarious!!!It was my brother who showed it to me and we watched it together. I had tears in my eyes from the laughter! The girl who plays Bella...God she played exactly like Kristen! And you should have seen Jacon and Aro!!!

No offense but I liked the way they made something funny out of something I like. Hell, even I make fun of it sometimes. I'm completely comfortable with others making fun of it...guys these are hard times...we all need a good laugh!!!XD
Oh and the guy playing Edward was actually cute...not Robert of course but still...
Don't get me wrong.... I love, no worship twilight. But the trailer was kinda funny and it makes me curious, plus I would like to see the patheticness of the guy playing Edward:)
tehe yeah me 2 but i want to see it cuz it is funny but trust me ill bring my twi-hardness into the movie theatre with my team edward shirt pinky promis
You go girl!
I consider my self to be a "Total Twi-Hard", and so does my family. My kids say that I am too into Twilight. I dream Twilight, but when I saw the trailer for Vampires Suck, I thought it was hilarious. I will be going to see Vampires Suck, and the rumor is that a bunch of the Twilight cast will be as well. (These rumors have yet to be confirmed.) I actually enjoy watching those parody movies, they make appreciate the originals so much more.


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