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You guys say you don't like Vampires Suck it is a parody then I have a question

Alot of you say you will never go to see vampires suck I agree I am not going to go see it I am a hardcore twi-hard  but that brings me to my questions it is a parody well the cast that put on the twilight conventions the hillywood show also have parody's of the movies and there are really good does that mean you will not watch them? I am curious to see the response I get

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I will see it cos at the end of the day its to do with twilight and lets not be boring and insane and manic cos at the end of the day its fun and its based around a story of 1 womans dream its not real !!!! I love edwards character and rob is gorgeous but i know fact from fiction and if its fun then great im sure rob and the rest of the cast will watch it. I for one am all for anything to do with twilight even if it is having a bit of fun with it.
Team Edward all the way xx
i saw the clips of it on youtube last week i thaught it was kinda funny and a little weird and i didnt get it at all
i want to see it it has to do with TWILIGHT & come on we all have to learn how to take a joke.
i saw vampires suck today with a friend, we both love twilight, it was pretty funny, we thought anyways. i see no problem with watching a parody, its kind of like laughing at yourself, like an inside joke because people who havent seen twilight or read the books wont get it.
well so true the hillywood show that does the paradoys there so great and ther are super nice people and a bunch of them are so close to the way things happens it is alitle scary


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