The Twilight Saga

Although i love all the books... i have to be honest the 1 i adore has to be

Breaking Dawn to see bella and edward grown from man and wife to parents i cryed wen they did felt edwards pain it was like i could c it in my head...


what about you

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wa do u think of pic i made it
it really confused wen i read that alice left and i think ie would be cool to no wa she got up 2. i also wanna know how live turns out for my fav mr and mrs cullen x
New Moon is my favorite because i can relate to how Bella was feeling after Edward left her. I had a very similar experience when my bf of 3 yrs broke up with me.
i loved eclipse because there's romance and action. it showed bella and edward's relationship grow stronger; it made bella realize her love for jake; it showed a glimpse of what she could be as a newborn vampire; it showed a glimpse too of what her future with the cullens could be like.
I 'm agree with you ! I like every books but I prefer Eclipse.

my fav book is
i really cant choose between eclipse and breaking dawn i really love then to bits and i cant wait for eclipse to come out and breaking dawn
i love eclipse because you see how edward only cares for bella and you see how he does everything in his power to keep her safe from victoria
i love breaking dawn because you see how bella and edwards life begins to grow with their new daughter and how edward becomes attacked to her so much
i really loved the last chapter on the two end pagers were awesome
my favorite is it's Twilight... It's the first one, it's beautifull, the way how they are getting to knowe each other... I loooove the whole saga but Twilight is my fav :)
bd cuz of when bella became a vampire and cuz of nessie
so far we hav a fairly gd split but i thin every1 can agree that the twilight saga is amasing
My favorite is twilight. I like how they get to know each other. New love!!!!


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