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Hi peepz! Hello world!

Please post you personal song dedicated to Edward here...
YT videos that you like most! to be more fun...*wink*
Please feel free to paste it here i love to hear from U! *smiles*

Okay as usual I'll go's just the song that first came into my mind so randomly...right now at this very moment I'm listening to this song and i remember Edward. LOL
You can post as many as you like!

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this is a good video, I think mine would be Everything I do (i do it for you) by Bryan Adams. This seems to describe the love that he has for Bella and vice versa. I think that this is a good one though because if you really think about it, he leaves because he thinks that he is protecting her, and throughout all books he does think of her first and foremost before anything else. Even when she wants to sleep with him, he thinks of how it might hurt her. When they do, he says they won't again because he hurt her. Don't you wish that they're were men out there like Edward that always thought about how it would hurt you before they did or did not do somthing?
Thank you for explaining it completely...i appreciate Jen!
If you have time, kindly paste the embedded code from YT..Thanks!

OME! what an Accent! but i want this song for yah babe! so here it is! lol
Replay- Sean Kingston... (edwards like a melody stuck in my head...)

Robward is my ANGEL!!!


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