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Hi peepz! Hello world!

Please post you personal song dedicated to Edward here...
YT videos that you like most! to be more fun...*wink*
Please feel free to paste it here i love to hear from U! *smiles*

Okay as usual I'll go's just the song that first came into my mind so randomly...right now at this very moment I'm listening to this song and i remember Edward. LOL
You can post as many as you like!

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Great question! For me it is The Scientist (Coldplay) and The Reason (Hoobastank), they seem to capture him and his love for Bella quite well for me. I LOVE those songs...
i would probably pic any beautiful love song that i know!!!
it is SOOO true!!!
I think mine wouldbe I will always love you by whitney houston
I'll probably pick Taylor Swift-You belong with me , , because it's a very beatiful song and i would love to have Edward Cullen with me :)
I think I'll pick "Crazier" (Taylor Swift) because Edward makes me crazy. And I hope "You belong with me", I mean I hope Edward belong with me. I think "Girlfriend"(Avril Lavigne) is cool too because I very, really, obviously, definitely want to be Edward's girlfriend.
I have many, but here are three:

Alone - Heart

In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

Use Sombody - Kings of Leon
I love Alone too!
RIGHT?? This is a good one! "Oh Rob!! How DO I Get You ALONE"!!!
Great minds think alike!!!
God Alone is awesome! Perfect for him!! But I would also pick Beautiful Soul (Jesse McCartney _ I know it's old, but it suits him).
Post the YT vid. Zuni...pls....

LOL...I want the lyric of this one too!


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