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For some lucky countries, BD has been released, so what are your thoughts on the movie?

I still have to wait another week for the premiere in my country, but I would like to know what do you think of the movie.



If you haven't watched the movie, there may be some information that you may want to watch by yourself on the big screen.

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I love it. It's better than the other three. Can't wait to see Part 2.Words can't explain how to describe this movie. I seen the midnight movie and ever since I can't stop thinking about it. Go Team Edward.

I just saw it last night and it was so good and it did not disappoint me.  It definitely lived up to my expectations.  I am rereading the book now and can't believe it is going to be a year before I can see the end.  The movie made me so happy.  I am going to see it again next week.

I went to see BD last night and it was awesome if u haven't seen it then I will tell u that u better take ur butt to see it cause it totally blew me away.I will definitely be going back because I keep reading there was something after the credits and now I am so mad at myself for leaving before the credits ended.I totally hate that we have to wait another year but I will be reading the books over and over till it finally comes out. I LOVE ME SOME TWILIGHT! If u stayed and seen the scenes after the credits please message me privately so its not spoiled and tell me what it was please.or email me!





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