The Twilight Saga

#1. He's Sweet

#2. He's Closer To Bella's Family Than Edward

#3. He saved Bella's life

#4. He is warm (temperture and personality)

#5. He tried to help Bella out when Edward left

#6. He gave her an awesome bracelet!

#7. He is so nice, in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, Edward almost was so close to calling him a brother.

#8. He protects Bella, sometimes more than Edward. ( Team Edward people won't admit this because Edward only protects her phisically. Jacob helps her with emotional pain too.)

#9. He can make Bella laugh more than Edward.

#10. In the movies, gotta admit his new name should be TAYLOR HOTTNER!


Although Jacob doesn't marry Bella, he will quote, "Always Be Her Best Man"


If you agree or disagree please comment!

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I agree and think Jacob should have been with Bella.
agreed. :)
no matter what Jake was always the best man no matter who Bella actually picked. that is just the way it is. ;)
i totally agree with all 10 reasons. he should have ended up with bella and if she hadn't gotten with edward, jacob wouldn't have ever imprinted on someone else cuz he ended up imprinting on bella and edward's kid. which she wouldn't have ever been born if they didn't get together so she didn't have anything to worry about. jake is definetely the better man to be with.
i agree let's face it bella is blind jacob is perfect but edward just makes her cry
Yeah, seriously people.


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