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Does anyone else Like HP (harry potter) if so chat all about it here!

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I love love love HP
next month the deathly hallows is coming out in the movies :D
I KNOW!!!!!. Can't waiitt!!. xD
i know!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i saw all the movies it's awesome but i could never sit down and read the whole thing
Who is your favorite character?
Characters,, actually xD:

Hermione: She's part human,, but she is still better than the wizards,, she is this very good friend who cares about her family and friends,, she's always there for Harry &&' Ron!!.

Ron: The same as Ron,, he's maybe not thát good- looking as Hermione &&' Harry,, or smart,, but he's so sweet that that doesn't matter,, he helps you when you need him,, and he cranks you up when he needs too.

Harry: Should I explain??. Well I will: He's the most nobel,, smartest,, and one of the most courageous persons in the whole story,, just like his mother. He will do anything to save his friends and family,, and he has suck a heavy burdon on his shoulders,, but he still is who he was,, not the Chosen One,, but just Harry James Potter.

Lilly (Harry's mom): Most loving,, beautiful and one of the many courageous people in this beautiful story. She did everything do defend her son... Even is that meant that she had to die.

Sirius: He loves ambitionally and is happy with the tinyest thing,, he doesn't take anything for granted.

Snape: Because he's so nobel,, because he would give up his life to help the son of his Love.

~Those are a few of the many reasons
why I LOVE the Harry Potter series.
i agree! very good choices!
check out my blogs for more opinions from me
i like harry of course and doumbledore
I like DD too,, but he's not one of my favouirite characters... :)


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