The Twilight Saga

How many of us Team Jacobers have acctually read the books??

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I have!!!
Cuase it seems like most people on Team Jacob haven't read the books. But there is good numbr who have.
I've read all of them!! So proud of that!
i have read all of the books multiple times just like i've seen all of the movies multiple times

I have !

A lot of times :) but only 40 times altogether... :/

but I've read Eclipse,around 68 times ? And Twilight only like 40/42 times. New Moon , like 50 somethinn now , I just finished it :D & Breaking Dawn aorund 50 something times :$ ?

Ahahah, I know right ! Everytime I read New Moon it always makes me tear up :')

Eclipse is my favourite of them all <3

I have. I have the whole series except for Midnight Sun. Im still looking for that one. Ive read the books so many times that I can basically tell you what happened in each book by memory.


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