The Twilight Saga

Hi everyone.I got this from a TigerBeat magazine.I hope you Like it.

1 Cake Or Ice Cream

On a rough day,you know you could always cheer up you crush Tay by bringing him some of his fave guilty pleasure cake batter ice cream.Yum!

I like both cake and ice cream.

2 Salty Or Sweet

Taylor might like ice cream every now and then,but his go-to food will always be salty snacks,like breadsticks from Olive Garden.

I like both salty and sweet.

3 Cats Or Dogs

Dogs,of course!Not only was Taylor a pack animal in the Twilight movies,but he has a pet maltese in real life named Roxy.Aw!

I like both cats and dogs.I have two cats.


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Thanks, Tracy. I appreciate it. I love Taylor Lautner. :)

Your welcome.Tracy

Thanks for this Iove Jacob Bkack .


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