The Twilight Saga

Guess what Wolf Lovers. My brother and I came up with this fantastic idea to ask Stephenie Meyer to make one more Twilight Saga for Team Jacob.

I mean that it branches off from Eclipse that Bella chooses Jacob instead after the kiss. Then it goes into Breaking Dawn, which we should call Breaking Dusk. Bella and Jacob, and Charlie and Billy, maybe Bella and Jacob's child, the werewolves would be there and stuff you know? So please sign this going to need some assistants with email addresses to help me make a Breaking Dawn for Jacob fans!!

Leader: Kitten The Ninja :D


Assistants-♥♥JakesOneTrueLove!!♥♥, ♪Becka C.♪, Aaron Pape, Rhyassa Cartherine Rodrigues
1. wolfgirl GRRR! :P

2. Emily Abbott


4. Tracy Sauerbry

5. [N]ikia [J]ackson

6. Ashley Mullen

7. Olivia Giblin

8.Kristina S.

9. Kamri <3

10. Renesmee Black

11. Erica

12. Allysia Hezekiah

13.Jamie Amerson

14. Randy Wilson

15.Stephanie Swartz

16.Jeremy Swartz

17.Levi Swartz

20.Riley Swartz

21.Jenny Wilson

22.Becky Marshall

23.Shuree Marshall

24.Gary Moyer

25.Jerry Murdock

26.Devin Wilson

27.Emily Wilson

28.Taylor Wilson

29.Bradley Wilson

30.Travis Taylor

31.Bethany Taylor

32.Grace Taylor

33.Aaron Taylor

34.Xander Taylor

35.Eva Amerson

36.Elizabeth Hayes

37.Rachael Hayes

38.charlie Abbott

39.Savana Swartz

40.Christopher Abbott

41.Cory Abbott

42.Loraine Swartz

43.Terry Swartz

44.Jackie Crosby

45.John crosby

46.Tyler Crosby

47. Luther Hayes

48.Stephanie Hayes

49.Dayton Hayes

50. Jaden Hayes

51. Maddie Hayes

52: Inigo De Vliegher

53. Taylor Spelts

54. Guywhojustlovessinging

55. Yazmin Greene

56. Marissa Tuxhorn

57. Taylor Spelts

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Replies to This Discussion

I'll join!!! Do you need my e-mail?
if you want to be an assistant!!! THANK YOU!!! =P i feel so loved
i'm in
i kno i said im in but would u read a book dat was bout wat happens after BD...dat tells us how things with jacob and nessie and da rest of da cullens
sure yeah
that sounds like a great idea I'm in
kitten tht would be awesome sign me up for assistant and petition
I will Join..And if you need help with anything just let me know!
thanks hun!! =D
may i be a assistant??
yes you may =P
It would be awesome if S.M. did that!!!!


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