The Twilight Saga


Embry Pov
She isn't suppose to be here.
I can't protect her if she doesn't want me too.
Who the hell is this?
Why does she like him?
This will not turn out to be a Bella Edward and Jacob triangle.
I won't let it.

My life is in her hands now.
It is her decision to make.
I have to learn to accept that.
If she wants him then it is her choice, once she is happy.

The day Rebecka walked into my life was the day I started to live.

Rebecka Pov

Embry Call has made my fantasy a reality.
Alec has made me feel special and wanted.
I want them both but for some reason I have to choose.
I am destined to have one soul mate, who is it?

Embry or Alec?
A part of me needs Embry in my life
A part of me also needs Alec. 
Why is it this way?
Is it because of what I am or because of what Alec made me?
I know something is wrong with me.

Who will help me?
Who will I choose?

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awesome :)
aww they're a pretty cute couple!
wow great story:)
i like it ;D
cool story when does becka meet embry
Hopefully in a the next chapter but who knows????
Becka I don't even know what I writing yet lol
I agree with Becka Tammy you are over doing it. So stop the Rps or something
Chapter Four
This is a JOKE right?

Alec POV

We walked for at least four blocks just talking about likes and dislikes and mostly about the movie none of us watched.
I was enjoying the listening to her and just being with her.
She shivered lightly and I asked, “Are you feeling cold? Do you want my jacket?”
She smiled and shook her head, “Not really it is just that I feel like someone is watching me.”
I immediately scanned the area searching for any signs of someone in the shadows.
I even inhaled the air to make sure it wasn’t anything supernatural.
I felt so over protective of Becka that I didn’t realize I was speaking my thoughts out loud.
“I wonder what you would say if I told you I like you. I want to always be there with you.”
Becka smiled and blushed severely.
“I’ll just say that I like you back.” She said looking directly at me.

Becka POV

I stared at Alec and he was absolutely gorgeous.
Every little detail of him was perfect.
How could any girl see him and not fall for him.
My heart was beating loudly in my chest when he smiled in return.
Alec slightly tilted his head to the side and said, “And if I kiss you right here and now?”
If I could have turned into a cherry I think at that moment I would of.
“Only if you try then you might get the response.”
With that said Alec closed the distance between us and I was backed against the wall of a coffee shop.
I felt a cold tingle, through the top I wore, when Alec’s hand slid under my jacket.
His lips only centimeters away from mine.
He was either waiting for me to respond to him or he was rethinking his decision to kiss me.
I surely didn’t want him to not kiss me, so I decided for him by closing the distance between our lips and kissed him passionately.

Every time our lips parted Alec exhaled and sucked in a deep breath.
His arms gripped tightly around my waist and I swore any tighter and he might break my hipbone.
His hands started to roam all over my back pulling me closer to him.
I bit the inner flesh of my lip lightly when his hand moved from my back to my side.
I exhaled softly when his hands moved higher to my aching breasts.


His fingers were feeling cold through the thin layer of my top, yet it was causing my blood to boil everywhere it passed.
I moaned lightly when he caressed them one at a time.
I didn’t care where we were at the moment and who was seeing us.
He broke the kiss and started to kiss me all over my face and lower to my neck.
I felt him nipping at my neck. Every time he nipped it felt as if he was biting softly then a little harder.
It was getting sharper and more painful each time.

Alec’s grip on my waist was hurting to much and before I could say something he pushed himself away from me and started to walk away.
“Alec, what is it?” I asked, running after him. “What’s wrong?”
“I can’t Becka. I can’t stay here with you, I can’t do that.” He said finally stopping.
“Because you got a little rough. Alec I don’t care about that.” I retorted hotly.
“Becka, don’t you get it, I can’t hurt you. I don’t want to hurt you.”
Is he serious? He doesn’t want to hurt me now?
After what he now made me feel not finishing it will be hurting me.
“Becka, I have to go.” He said turning to walk off and I stopped him by grabbing his arm.
“Please don’t.” I pleaded with him.
He shook his head and kissed me lightly on the cheek before he promised to call me later.
“Good night Becka.”
“Good night Alec.”

My phone started to vibrate in my pocket and by the time I dug in my pocket to retrieve it and looked back up, Alec was gone.
I looked around the street studying every figure passing by, searching for any sign of Alec.
My phone stopped ringing and then it start to ring again.
I answered it; it was Jacob.
“Rebecka is the movie over?” he asked me.
Well, doesn’t he have any manners? I asked myself.
“Yes it is. What’s the problem?” I asked him back.
Rolling my eyes, I was really annoyed that it wasn’t Alec.
“I’m coming for you in a little while, Nessie isn’t feeling well so we’re going back home.” He said sounding as if there was more to the Nessie’s illness than he was letting on.
“Fine, I’m standing outside the theatre as we speak. I’ll be waiting for you there.” I said walking back to the cinema.

I was getting the same strange feeling again and I turned around to see if anyone was watching me.
No one was looking at me in any strange creepy blood crawling way.
So what the hell is wrong with me?
I turned back around and saw Jake waving at me from across the road in the car and I walked over and got in.
Nessie was looking a little paler than before.
She was looking really ill, she looked as if she saw a ghost.
“Nessie are you okay?” I asked her, surprised I sound so concerned.
“It’s nothing really. I’ll be okay by the time I reach back home.” She replied with a faint smile.
“No. She’s going straight to her grandfather and he is going to examine her.” Jake declared in a booming voice throughout the silence in the car.
“Her grand father?” I asked confused. “Is he a retired doctor or something?” I asked because Nessie was like fifteen or sixteen so her grandfather would be like fifty or sixty something right.
“Something like that,” Nessie said facing Jacob. I watched her place her hand on Jake’s cheek and Jake turned to face me.
“Do you want me to drop you home first?” he asked me when the car stopped at a red traffic light on the way home.
“It’s okay, I don’t mind the drive.” I said studying why he wants me to go home first all of a sudden.
Is there something I wasn’t supposed to know?
“Plus I will love to see where Nessie lives.” I added after a while.
“Okay, well please don’t act surprised at anything you see we’ll explain to you later. If you have any questions.” Jake said and turned to continue driving.
He drove straight to a house all the way up an abandon road in the woods.
The house was really beautiful and glassed.
Well people here don’t care about privacy at all.
“Well here is my old home.” She said to me smiling lightly.
“Your old home?” I asked her.
“Yeah, my parents moved into their own house after I was born. It’s not to far away from here, but I’m always here if you need me.” She said pointing in the woods.
I didn’t get the direction she was showing me but I guessed she lived a short walk from here.
Jake walked around and opened the door for both of us and he lifted Nessie into his arms.
He started to walk up the front stairs, with me following right behind, when the door opened and a really pale looking girl stepped out.
“It’s about time you guys reach here. Carlisle is waiting in the bedroom for you two.” She said to Jake and Nessie and then she turned to face me.
“So you’re Rebecka, you are even more beautiful than that one over there described you to be.” She said pointing at Jake’s head. I blushed and giggled.
“Come on I’ll introduce you to everyone, starting with me. I’m Alice, Nessie’s best aunt in the world and her designer.” She said ushering me inside the house.

Is she mad?
How the hell could she be Nessie’s aunt?
She doesn’t even look old enough to be her aunt.
She could pass for Nessie’s best friend or her sister or her cousin.
Just not her aunt.
I was about t ask to ask her how when she said, “I’ll explain that to you later, when your brother comes back downstairs.” we walked around the house.
Alice showed me the kitchen, the living room, the toilets, the music room, the game room and the dining room.
When we were finished touring the house she yelled, “Guys come on down we have a visitor. Jake’s sister is here.”
I wasn’t surprise when I saw a lot of teenagers walking down the stairs but what surprised me was the fact that the house had wooden flooring and no one made a sound upstairs.
They were all pale like Alice and as attractive as Alec.

“Introductions please.” Alice said to them.
“I’m Bella Nessie’s mom.” The dark brown haired girl said.
“I’m Edward, Nessie’s father.” The golden brown eye boy with blond and light brown hair said.
“I’m Emmett, her Uncle.” The buff one said.
“Jasper, her other uncle.” The brown orange haired boy said.
“I’m Rosalie, Renesmee’s aunt and I love that outfit you are wearing.” The blond hair girl said.
Last but not least, I’m Esme, Nessie’s grandmother and mother to all of these here.” The woman in the back said moving towards me.
Her movements were as graceful as a ballroom dancer.
Really, how stupid do I look?
Do I look that stupid?
”You don’t expect me to believe what you all are saying right?” I asked them wide eyed.
Edward was laughing and I didn’t know what was so funny.
Then all of them joined him.
“You all finished confusing my sister?” Jake asked from the top of the stairs.
I looked up at him and he walked down, passes them and stood next to me.
“Becka, they all told you the truth.” Jake told me.
“Care to elaborate on that.” I said to him still thinking that it was a joke they were playing.
“We’re vampires.” A pale blond hair man said from the stairs.
“I’m Carlisle, they are all my children, well adopted children and we are all vampires excepting you and Jacob here.” He said gesturing to the pale teens and then to Jake and myself.
I blinked again and then again.
Can someone please tell me what is going on here? I screamed in my mind.

“I’ll explain for you.” The blond one with golden brown eyes said, as if he was reading my mind.
“We are all vampires. We drink blood, we don’t age, we’re really fast and very strong. Nessie isn’t a full vampire because her mother was still human when she was conceived.”
I blinked and shook my head in denial.
This really can’t be true.
“Trust me it is truth.” Edward said answering my question.
Wait, I didn’t say that out loud.
“I know. I can read minds.” He said again.
This is totally creepy.
“Tell me about it.”
“Can you stop doing that, please?” I asked him, starting to breathe heavier.
“I told you she would have taken it easily just like Bella here.” Alice said to Jake.
“Actually I think she is going to faint.” Edward said walking to me.
“Becka? Rebecka?!” I heard Jake say as if he was far away from me and then everything went black as my body slid to the floor.
it's awesome
i love it
wow...she it :)
love it:)


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