The Twilight Saga

okay so this story has nothing to do with the twilight series, but i made it and thought it would be fun for you guys to read................


              Preface, in Jess's point of veiw.......


        As I walk to the place I've been dreaming about for the last three months, i hear a sound that makes me stop in mid-run. I turned around and there he was, his magnificance shocked me. Then I slowly began to realize that I've seen this boy before, in one of my horrible nightmares, He looks about my age. I can see him clearer now, only now, face-to-face, could I tell how dangerous he is...... I have an impulse to run, but i can't move, I'm still in shock. As I stand here dumbfounded and helpless he comes over here, stands so close to me that I can taste his breath and he picks me up. Then i black out..........




               CHAPTER ONE  :  PROBLEMS.


My dad got sick two months ago, he's been up and down ever since, and now there's no telling what's going to happen, so yesterday I told him to yell for me if he needed anything, vital, i guess. Next thing I know i hear him screaming "JESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". So I dash up the neon colored stairs, and he sits there with an empty glass, and says, "i want some more water, i'm out.". "Dad, the doctors explained that you shouldn't strain your voice, unless it's important...". He shoots me a glance like I'm in trouble and says, "You don't think whether I die of thirst or not is important?". I grimaced, "You know what I mean." With that I bike off to scool, the heat here is unbearable, but as my dad once said "That's what you get for living in Nevada.".  i somehow feel like i get tanner everytime i bike to school. i like it though, so does Matt.... When i get to school he's parked in his usual spot, i go up to greet him, but he seems different, like worried, different. when i get up to him i scan him over, he's wearing the usual pants and a white wife beater shirt. I can never get over how hot he his, even since he changed his hair. Most of the girls at our high schol call him blondie, i don't know why, but they just do...anyways, my boyfriend is the cutest, coolest, nicest, and popular guy at school.


As we walk to our lockers hand-in-hand, we talk, mostly about my dad,  he's slowly recovering..when we finally get to our lockers, i let go of his hand slowly. Put my arms around his neck, he put his hands on my waist, and we leaned in, and our lips met, this time we kissed more passionately than usual, but i had a feeling that he liked it. it got more intense then, we realized we were at school and we abruptly stopped and pulled away, we're going to be late to class........


     we're soooo lucky we got to first period in time to get our seats next to eachother..History..As Mrs. Jones jones thuroughly explains how that avalanche in oregon happened, my bestie Samantha was staring at me.. That's when I realized what had happened, Mrs. Jones had called on me to answer a question, but as always in this damn class I'm notpaying attention AT ALL!!!!! And everyone's laughing at me except them, sam and matt....Matt and I've already said "i love you", we've been  together for almost a year.......




sorry if its short, i'll write more tomorrow i already have it written down...................

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lovedd it! =] post soon okay! =]
yup, i'll do my best!!!
Jess's P.O.V

"Dad i'm fine"

" Are you sure?"

"Yes, i promise." I have assured him that i'm fine about five times since i woke up...

My head is pounding, my nose is most likely broken, and i have no idea what day it is. I need a pill or something...

Matt comes in, looks at me the sweetest way he ever has and slowly hands me my water...

"Matt what day is it?"

"its Thursday, Pumpkin..."

"Oh crap.."

"Whats wrong?" My Matt asks me

"Samantha was supposed to stay the night and watch "Vampire Diaries" with me....Oh well, she'll understand. Matt will you stay the night and watch my show with me?"

" Of coarse i will."

My dad is letting Matt drive me home, and he's getting a ride back from our neighbor, Mr. Fisher. I can't wait to be somewhere were its not extremely loud and i can control the room tempature. now all i gotta do is brake the news to Sammi..... :(
Hey Bailz =)
So your story is great, it's got a nice plot line that makes you want to read more of.
Email me (you know my emai) and I'll edit it for you!
I am in love with your characters! Jess seems to happy and natural. I can see her as a real person!
Anyways if you need any help just message me, I'm probably going to email you later on today. My chapter one is almost edited and ready for reviewing.
Good job!
thank you stephie!!!! it means a lot to me that u like my story.....
Matt takes me home in his car. He has a 98 Mustang, its beautiful. It's black, the windows are tinted, leather seat covers, and an awsome radio, he just updated it so i can plug my ipod to it!!!

I take my ipod out of my pocket, my dad bought it for me a year ago, when he had a jod truck driving... It's purple and white.

I plug it in and "My First Kiss" by 3oh!3 and Kesha cme on, i Quikly changed it to Eminem - "Not Afraid", that's one of Matt's favorite songs, i like it too.. Eminem's awsome! Matt lokks at me and turns down the music so that we can hear eachother talk and says, "What do you like the most about me?"

i look back at him and say, "First of all yous sweet and gentle with me and my feelings, you take me as i am, you have a beautiful personality. And third.. Your "Smokin' hott!!" Then i lightly giggle so that he knows the last part was supposed to be funny.

He laughs too. So i ask him, "What do you like most about me?"

He thinks for a second and said, "That's not fair, you took all of the good answers..."

We smile at eachother and he says "I like the way you smile, your wonderful personality, the way you make me feel when i'm around you, and your really, really hott." then he chukled like i did, and probably for the same reason too.

I look at him and turn the music back up, the song had changed to "Sugar Town" from the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. Matt started to sing along....... He'a funny like that. Then we pulled into my dads driveway, i turned my ipod off, unplugged it, and put it in my jeans pocket. Matt said "Hey, i was listening to that.." We both start laughing hella hard.................

I will write more, it looked a lot longer on paper. :)
New reader n can't wait.!
He’s so cute, I can’t wait to get inside, and it’s so hot out here. I get out of the car and start to walk to the shed; he’s walking next to me. I pull out my phone and call Sam.

“Sam, Matt’s going to stay the night, I know you heard what happened, Matt and I need to reconnect.”

She replies “Uh, sure I can come over this weekend right?”

“Yeah, want to go to Six Flags? There are tons of cute boys there, and I’ll try to hook you up with one.”

“Yeah, Saturday?” she asks.

“yup, I’ll pick you up at your house. K?”

“Yeah, oh and wash your sheets before I come over please?”

“Yup, I do every time. Bye.”

She replies “Bye.

Matt grabs my hand, gets the keys and opens the door. I gave him a key a while ago, so he could come over whenever he wants to. We walk in; he looks at me, and closes the door.

As soon as the door is shut and locked, he sweeps me off my feet and kisses me. He sets me down on the bed, and sits next to me. I sit on his lap and kiss him some more. He pulls away and kisses my neck. When he’s done kissing my neck, I take off my shirt; he goes back to kissing me. He pulls off his shirt, and I lay down on the bed... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I excuse myself to the bathroom; I take a warm shower, and put on my pajamas. I go to the room and he has all his clothes back on. I look at my phone, it’s 7:30, and I go lay on the bed with him. We sit here talking.

“So, why were you acting all distant?” I ask

He looks at me apologetically, and says “My mom kissed Cody.”

“Oh My God, are you okay?” I hope he’s okay, God, I can’t believe his mom kissed Naomi’s brother.

He answers “Not really, I’m really pissed about it.”

“How did it happen?” I ask

“I guess they were drunk, and Cody was at my house. My mom said that she was lonely, but it just grosses me out. So I confronted Cody about it the other day, and he tried to bite me…” he looked really grossed out.

I was confused, and I knew he could tell, because every time I’m confused my eyebrows pull together “Why did he try to bite you?”

“I don’t know it was weird.”

“Oh, that is weird.” I kissed him again. We just sat there makin’ out for a while, then my alarm on my phone went off.

“It’s time for Vampire Diaries…”

Matt says “Sweet!” and I get off him. He lies down on the bed; I put my head on his chest, and snuggle close to him. It’s the one before the season finale, (Elena met her mom, who brought to her attention that both Stephan and Damon are in love with her. Just like Katherine, as long as she has one of the Salvatore brothers on each arm she’s doomed. Her mom told her that Katherine would come back soon, and that she has no idea what she wants.)

When it ended I said “Whoa...”

Matt said we should go to sleep, I agree, so I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth then, we go to sleep


Last night I had the same dream I did before I went to the hospital,

I was walking to the old abandoned boat house, somebody was following me, I could feel it. Then there was a really bright flash of light and I saw a boy, he looked about my age. It was creepy, he was oddly attractive. I got a better look at him this time, his hair is black, it’s the hair style that most skaters have, it slants to the side and it’s kind of long. He wasn’t wearing shoes and was wearing skinny jeans with a DC shirt. He came towards me, I turned around to walk away then I felt a tap on my shoulder, I was about to turn around then I woke up.

I woke up breathing heavy; I got up and got some water. I sat down on the bed and drank it. Matt woke up and made breakfast, eggs, bacon, and fried potatoes. While he’s cooking I go to the bathroom and put on my black eyeliner, straightened my bangs and put them to the side. He yelled, “Breakfast is done!!!!”

I said, “Okay, I’m coming.”

Then I walked out to the little tiny kitchen, grabbed my plate and went to eat with Matt. I sat down and started to eat my food.
okay if your a new reader you willl notice that theres a missing part in my story i had a violation 4 using the b - word and they took it off but all that happened was she screamed "I Carry Crabs" and got punched in the face....she ended up @ the hospital and matt went and got her some water.... k?
i thought i hadnt read in awhile, but, appearently not. lmaoo, really good :DD
I love this story Bailey, I can't believe you stopped writing it. Oh well, your new story will be just as good, I assume.



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