The Twilight Saga

okay so this story has nothing to do with the twilight series, but i made it and thought it would be fun for you guys to read................


              Preface, in Jess's point of veiw.......


        As I walk to the place I've been dreaming about for the last three months, i hear a sound that makes me stop in mid-run. I turned around and there he was, his magnificance shocked me. Then I slowly began to realize that I've seen this boy before, in one of my horrible nightmares, He looks about my age. I can see him clearer now, only now, face-to-face, could I tell how dangerous he is...... I have an impulse to run, but i can't move, I'm still in shock. As I stand here dumbfounded and helpless he comes over here, stands so close to me that I can taste his breath and he picks me up. Then i black out..........




               CHAPTER ONE  :  PROBLEMS.


My dad got sick two months ago, he's been up and down ever since, and now there's no telling what's going to happen, so yesterday I told him to yell for me if he needed anything, vital, i guess. Next thing I know i hear him screaming "JESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". So I dash up the neon colored stairs, and he sits there with an empty glass, and says, "i want some more water, i'm out.". "Dad, the doctors explained that you shouldn't strain your voice, unless it's important...". He shoots me a glance like I'm in trouble and says, "You don't think whether I die of thirst or not is important?". I grimaced, "You know what I mean." With that I bike off to scool, the heat here is unbearable, but as my dad once said "That's what you get for living in Nevada.".  i somehow feel like i get tanner everytime i bike to school. i like it though, so does Matt.... When i get to school he's parked in his usual spot, i go up to greet him, but he seems different, like worried, different. when i get up to him i scan him over, he's wearing the usual pants and a white wife beater shirt. I can never get over how hot he his, even since he changed his hair. Most of the girls at our high schol call him blondie, i don't know why, but they just do...anyways, my boyfriend is the cutest, coolest, nicest, and popular guy at school.


As we walk to our lockers hand-in-hand, we talk, mostly about my dad,  he's slowly recovering..when we finally get to our lockers, i let go of his hand slowly. Put my arms around his neck, he put his hands on my waist, and we leaned in, and our lips met, this time we kissed more passionately than usual, but i had a feeling that he liked it. it got more intense then, we realized we were at school and we abruptly stopped and pulled away, we're going to be late to class........


     we're soooo lucky we got to first period in time to get our seats next to eachother..History..As Mrs. Jones jones thuroughly explains how that avalanche in oregon happened, my bestie Samantha was staring at me.. That's when I realized what had happened, Mrs. Jones had called on me to answer a question, but as always in this damn class I'm notpaying attention AT ALL!!!!! And everyone's laughing at me except them, sam and matt....Matt and I've already said "i love you", we've been  together for almost a year.......




sorry if its short, i'll write more tomorrow i already have it written down...................

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come on this story is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aww, I like it a lot! Good job!
thanks... a lot..... it means a lot to me.....................................................................
Yeah, no problem!
Yeah good storie!
Keep writing, i'm curious now ;)
he's been really distant lately, and I just hope he gets over what makes him like this, soon. I miss him, i know he's there, but he's always distracted, i miss the way he holds me tight and even though he's squishing me it doesn't feel tight enough. So, I invited him to stay the night with me tomorrow night in my shed, my dad gave me it, it's in his backyard, but i love it. He agreed to stay over.
Samantha's coming over on Thursday to watch "Vampire Diary's"

I had a horrible dream last night: I was walking to someplace, it looked like an abandoned boat house, or a garage. Somebody was following me, i could feel it. Then there was a really bright flash of light, an i saw a boy, he looked about my age. He was really creepy and scary. I couldn't get a good look at him though. then he walked toward eand that's when i woke up.

I put on my O.P bluejeans, my lavender tanktop, a white sweater, socks, and a pair of black etnies.....i go in the house to check on dad, and sure enough he was out cold, i wake him up."Dad, are you okay, do you need anything before I leave?". he respondes, " no i'm fine, but could you get me a cough drop from the bottom drawer?" "yeah, hold on." i got a text from Matt 'I love you'. i sent the same thing back then reached down to the bottom drawer and opened it, it was so colorful, there were different colored cough drops everywhere. so i grabbed the dark green ones that he's been using. " Wow, what's up with all the cough drops?" . " i bought them online!!!!!!!!".. i gave him the cough drops, then he noticed my outfit. " awe, you look gorgous, where are you going today?"... so i say "I'm not going anywhere, Matt's staying the night in my shed tonight, he's been acting weird, like worried.I want a chance to ask him what's up, and he agreed to come over......."... "okay, babygirl. Now get off to school, I don't want you to be late."...." Okay, bye dad..." "bye sweetie pie."......I grab my backpack and bike to school. My bike is white, it used to be pink, but i spraypainted it, so it wouldn't be pink. i think pink is hella GAY, and STUPID....(no offense to pink lovers)................

I got to school, and his car i parked, but he isn't here. i lock up my bike and go to check by his locker, not here either.... I go to my locker, get my stuff, and get to Mrs. Jones's class....Whoa, i got here just in time to sit by Samantha. History is sooooooo boring......
So true. At times history is the biggest snooze in the world... especially when you're loooking forward to something! Keep writing!
ok thanx i appreciate it, i'll post more later today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like it it's pretty good..... Great JOB haha : )
Oooh. I L.O.V.E it! It's reallly good. Can't wait to see what happens next? So the girls name is Jess,right? Anywayss, it's REALLY REALLY GOOD!
yeah her name's jess
New reader and itz awesome update me soon


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