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Hi guys i just decided that i wanted to write a story on Jacob and Renesmees' life together as a couple please give me your feedback:)


     Renesmee P.O.V.


                        I sat wide awake wondering what my parents were talking about downstairs with my new boyfriend Jacob Black. Everytime i thought of Jacob it brought a smile to my face i just couldnt help it. Something had changed between myself and jacob over the last couple of weeks and i loved him more then life itself!


        Jacob had come over worried this morning and when i asked him what was wrong he just told me it was nothing so now more then ever it was killing me to hear my parents and him debating over me.


       "Jacob" my father said "You know i think of you as one of my closest friends but i just dont think it is the best time for her or for you i just think she is still to young". I heard Jacob sigh "Edward you know my feelings for Renesmee you know i would never hurt her, it would hurt me too". Then i heard my mother sigh and say " Jacob your my best friend and i truly belive that you and Renesmee are perfect in everyway for eachother but i just think its to soon to think about dating she is only seven when you think about it". 


      Then i heard Jacobs perfect inflection in his voice when he debated with them. "Yes she is only seven but she looks eighteen and talks like she's thirty, you've seen over the last couple of weeks that our relationship has been blossoming from just friends". "Yes imprinting is a tricky subject" said edward "i've seen your relationship growing and i've seen in both of your minds how much you care for eachother but i just don't think you all are ready".


       Finally i had enough i was running down the stairs and into the living room before i knew it " STOP THIS!" i yelled " I've had enough of you all talking about my relationship when i'm not even here!"


        Everyone just looked at me and said nothing. Finally my mother spoke up "Your right sweetie its not fair of us debate about your relationship without you please sit down and we can talk about this". "Thank you" was all i said. "So" my father said "What did you want to say exactly?". "All I wanted to say is that i love jacob and you can't stop me". I looked over and saw my Jacobs mouth hanging open i had never exactly told him that i loved him. i mean i'd told him in so many words but i'd never just come right out and said it. This gave Jacob new courage "Yeah" he said " We love eachother and there is nothing that you can do".


     I smiled inwardly this was going good because from the look on my parents faces said that they weren't going to do anything about it. "Yes Renesmee i guess there is nothing we can do about it" he said responding to my thoughts "I think that since you both were willing to come to us first we could let the idea sink in a little".


       "Oh Thank you Thank you Thank you" I said while hugging my dad. This was perfect i had my boyfriend and parents approvel everything was going great i was happy that i could finally be with the guy i've been destined to be with my entire exsitence.


        Later on Jacob and i were laying on La Push beach hand in hand. "What are you thinking about?" Jacob asked. "Just about you and how happy i am" i giggled nervously "What about you?". "The same i guess only i was also thinking about how lucky i am to have you". " Yeah i'm lucky to have you to" i said and i meant it.


        Jacob got up and so did i. I knew that meant that he had to go to be with Sam so i let him go but before two seconds could go by he was back and i was in his arms sharing a kiss with him. " I love you Renesmeee Cullen and don't you forget it". "How could I when i love you just as much". And with that he kissed me softly on the forehead and said goodbye.


      As i ran back to my house that i shared with my entire family it got me thinking about life in general. I mean i had it pretty good for somebody my age. A beautiful house, a loving family, and great friends. Even though my Best Friend in the entire world didn't know i was half-vampire i still felt like she knew me inside out. She could read me like a book and i was glad.


      Annie and I had been best friends since my first day at Forks High School where everyone thought i was my fathers neice. Her and i were inseprible and to alike for our own good. We were both in all AP Classes which meant we had tons of classes together and we were both very much so into keeping a low profile. 


     I still remember my first day at Forks High School. I walked into the front office to get my list of classes for the day and Annie was in there as well. As we were waiting she started chating away asking me about where i moved from, why i moved and how long i was staying. I told her i had just moved here from Alaska and that i had moved to come and live with my Aunt and Uncle, Bella and Edward Cullen and that i was staying for as long as they wanted me to stay. She had asked me why i had moved down from Alaska away from my parents but right as she asked me the aid came back with our classes so we walked to 1st period together and i explained that my parents had died in a car accident and "uncle" Edward was my only family.


    Of course she bought my story word for word and told me how sorry she was for what had happened. I told her that it still hurt but that i was okay now and from that day forth we had been friends. She new everything about me except for the part that i was half-vampire and that Edward was really my dad but other then that she was the only person who truly knew me besides Jacob.


      As i reached the house i slowed to see who was home. From what i could hear Aunt Alice And Uncle Jasper were in the living room watching t.v with Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett. While my Grandparents were in my grandfathers study talking about a patient of his down at the hospitial and my parents didn't seem to be anywhere in the house Must be out hunting i thought. "hmm" i said hunting didn't sound to bad so as quickly as i had come to the house i left ready to find my parents and to hunt.



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Hey guys in this chapter i really just wanted to show Edward reacting like a normal dad would to his daughter dating. i hope you like it:)

Chapter 2

As i finished up hunting and was on my way home i found my parents. "So" said my father "Did you and Jacob have a nice time at the beach?". "Of course dad Jacob and I always have a nice time together" i said. "What did you all do?" he said trying to get inside my head to see what had been going on. "We talked on the beach for a little bit and then he had to go".

"And is that it?" he said. I knew he was just trying to get me to say what he already knew. "And yes dad we did kiss i didn't think that would be a problem seeing as he is my boyfriend". He flinched as i said the word boyfriend. "Look dad you're going to have to get over the fact that Jacob is now my boyfriend and that when your dating someone you kiss them, i'm sorry dad i'm just telling it how it is".

"I know, i know i just wish that boy would keep his lips to himself you are my little girl". "Dad i know but you can't expect me to never love anyone and the fact that Jacob imprinted on me.....". Now my dad really looked upset. "I know about the whole imprinting thing but i don't want you all to use that as an excuse to rush things" he said trying to calm down. "Dad please don't freak out but when you've been imprinted on you just can't help it the relationship moves to a knew level before you even know it 2 months ago i didn't even think of Jacob as a boyfriend".

My dad thought this over and finally said "I know the depth of your relationship with eachother because i can read your minds and i know how much he cares for you so i know your in good hands but it's still hard because you are my little girl and my only child i never want to see you hurt" he explained with a tone in his voice that i knew could only be sincere. "Oh Dad can't you see that he would never hurt me and if he did it would hurt him even more, it's like with Jacob we are one unit one person we understand eachother on a level i can't understand with anyone else". " Oh sweetie i can see that but it is still hard" he said pulling me into a hug. "I just want whats best for you". "If you want whats best for me" i said "just let me be with jake".


As the whole family sat down to watch t.v. a nightly even that i insisted upon because i wanted everyone to be together the phone rang. My Aunt alice ran over to answer it before the second ring. "Hello?" she said in her pixey like voice to go along with her pixey like looks. "Oh yes of course Jacob you can definitly talk to Renesmee" she said. As she said it everyone looked at me and smiled of course i returned their look with a blush which i was most famous for in this house where i was the only one who could blush.

I ran over to the phone and grabbed it from her hands before she could say anything else to my oh so perfect boyfriend. "Thank you Alice" I only called her Aunt Alice behind her back she hated me calling her that she said it made her feel old we all laughed when ever she said that because she was nearly a one-hundred years old but i followed her request anyway.

"Hey Jake whats up?" i said trying to sound under control. "Just wanted to call to see if you wanted to meet me over at the beach in the morning and then maybe we could see a movie or something" he said sounded just as excited as i was going to sound. "Of course you should have know the answer would be yes right when you had the thought of taking me out" i heard snickers from the living room and knew at once that it was Uncle Emmett. "Well i'll see you tomorrow Jake" i said trying to get off the phone before they could make fun of anything else i said. " Yeah i'll see you bright and early beautiful, I love you more then life itself Renesmee Cullen". "I love you to Jacob Black i'll see you tomorrow bye!". "Ok bye" and with that he hung up disapointed i hadn't been more mushy whith him.

I could here the snickers coming from the living room and braced myself from Uncle Emmetts bantering with me. "Oh Jacob i love you sooo much" said Uncle Emmett in his best impretion of a girls voice "I can't belive you even had to ask me because our love should have done all the talking for us" he laughed as he said this. "First off i don't sound like that and second i didn't even say half of what you just said" i said trying to sound angry but couldn't because he was making kissy faces that made him look like a fish.

I was laughing along with everyone else before i knew it. "Come on guys" my mother said between her fits of laughter "You all know what it's like when you first start off with someone everthing is new and exciting and you just can't help but be in love" she said trying her best to defend me. "Thank you mom for being the only person who understands" and with that i took off to me room laughing the whole way so that they would know i wasnt really mad.

I guess my mom was right everything is knew and exciting but what happens 30 or 40 years from now? Will we still fell the same way? Of course i knew the answer could only be yes Jacob was the only person i could ever even imagine myself with i couldn't think about anybody else when he was around or even when he wasn't around.

I was just to excited to even think about my doubts anymore. Tomorrow was going to be perfect i could feel it and i was glad Jacob had called it only confirmed everything i ever felt about him and everything i said to my dad this afternoon. Jacob was my perfect match my other half to the whole the only thing i ever wanted and i was happy all the sudden for no real reason at all.
I Luv It!!Keep Going..Plz Keep Me Updated!!!
this is really good, u should keep writing
and soon

Please continue! I love it so much! Your a great writer =)
thanks guys:)
Hey guys thanks for all your support:) In this chapter i wanted it to show her relationship with Jake more and i wanted to show her having first date jitters just like any normal girl would. Hope you like it:)

Chapter 3

As I ran around my room trying to pick out the best outfit for my date with Jacob I was finding it harder and harder. I had already worn so many of them in front of him and i wanted this outfit to be new to be fun and flirty.

Finally my Aunt Alice came into my room. "Enough" she said " you need help from the best of the best!" Of course why hadn't i thought of asking Aunt Alice. " Oh thank you so much i really do need the help i'm dying here". "Well what did you have in mind?" she asked. " Well nothing really everything i have i've already worn infront of him".

"Well" she said "We can fix that, just put this over this and add these leggings and its a whole new outfit". and she was right she added a size to big purple top over a black skin tight shirt and matched them with black leggings and a oversized gold necklace. "So" she said "what do you think?". "I love it thank you so much!". "No problem little girl i'm always here to help". And with that she was gone.

Right after I put on my outfit i was fiddling with my hair, trying to think of something to do with the long blond curly hair. I could put it up or leave it down or i could put some up and some down..... to many choices ugg. Right when i thought things couldn't get any worse Aunt Rosalie came in.

"Want me to do your hair and makeup?" she asked. "Yes please" i begged hoping she would take pitty on me. " Well i was thinking maybe we could add this" she said placing a rinestone covered clip in my hair only grabbing a little peice of my hair. " Now why didn't i just think of using a clip?" i asked wondering how i could have been messing up everything tonight if it weren't for my Aunts.

" Probably because your to excited to think straight" she said laughing. "Probably" i said my voice shaking " I just can't belive i'm finally dating Jake". "Well you all were meant to be" she said while finishing my makeup."Well that doesn't make it any easier" i said trying not to laugh because this wasn't funny to me at all.

Just then Uncle Emmett came into the room. Great."How are my two best girls?" he said. "Well" said Aunt Rosalie "This one has enough tension built up inside that she's gonna explode any second now" she sang in her sweet voice. " Aw thats to bad cause the guy downstairs probably won't want to hear that his date is bailing on him last minute".

" Oh God". i said trying not to throw up. " It'll be ok sweetie" said Aunt Rosalie " He's the one you belong with so everything will come with ease" she said trying to be helpful. " Of course how do i look?". "Both of you look beautiful now can you please go downstairs before i send your date up here to come and drag you out" said Uncle Emmett trying to break the tension. " Ok Ok i'm going thank you so much Aunt Rose". "No problem sweetie you know i'm always here for you" and with that i gave her a hug and ran down the stairs to see the guy of my dreams waiting for me.


Once we were at the Restraunt and had ordered we just started talking and when i say talking i mean neither of us ate anything that we ordered. He started asking me about school and then i asked him about the pack and we talked all night.

Aunt Rose was right everything did come with ease when i was with Jake. I could be myself and not have to worry about what anybody else thought. At the end of the night when we pulled into the driveway i turned to look at Jacob. " You know i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you". Right after i said that he got this look in his eye which i knew meant he thought the same thing and then he leaned in and put my head in his hands " Nessie since the day you were born i knew you were the one for me i knew that when you cried i would cry i knew that when you were happy i would be too i knew that there was no one else in the world i wanted more then this little girl who kept me from falling off the face of the earth and i knew we would be together forever and ever". "Forever and ever" i said. And then he leaned over and gave me the oh so perfect kiss i had been waiting for all night.
i know this isn't very long put i promise i will add more to chapter 3 soon:) thank you again for all the great feedback:)
plZ write more
i liked it
Chapter 3 cont.

As i walked into the house after watching Jake drive away my heart longed for him. Being apart from him killed me but i knew it was impractical to be with him all the time.

Everyone was still up(obviously no one slept in my house except for me) when i got in the house. "So how did everything go?" my mother asked me. "Everything went fine" i said "i'm a bit tired so can i go to bed?" i said trying to sound tired. The truth was i really didn't want them asking me questions about it. " Look" my father said "we just want to know if you had a good time nothing else we completly trust you". "Ha please the only reason you say that is because you can read my mind and know what i've been up to" now i was starting to get upset.

"Yeah and the fact that he follows you around" said Uncle Emmett. "Emmett" said my dad obviously upset that he gave him away. "WHAT?" i said trying to control myself but not doing such a great job "YOU FOLLOW ME? WHAT HAPPEND TO TRUSTING ME?" i screamed. "Listen, i trust you" said my father in a calm voice " it's him i don't trust he he he is a boy a boy that likes you more then a friend and well i'm just making sure he behaves himself". "LOOK YOU CAN READ HIS THOUGHTS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU KNOW HE IS NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL WHAT SO EVER!" and with that i took off up the stairs crying my eyes out.

Jacob must have sensed my hurt because before i knew it there was a tapping at my window. "Hey Ness open up i can't stay like this forever". I looked out and saw him holding on to the branch by my tree for dear life so i opened up the window. " thanks ness" he said once he jumped inside.

"Whats wrong sweetie?" he said stroking the tears off my flushed cheeks. " Well my dad he was saying terrible things and doing terrible things and and i just don't know what to do" i said leaning into his warm cheast and sobbing. "What is he doing?" he said "I'll kill him" he said making me laugh he always found a way to cheer me up.

" No you don't have to do anything like that" i said " he was just saying that he didn't trust you with me and well Uncle Emmett said that my dad followed tonight". "hmm well he is wrong and he knows it he is just being over protective" he kissed me on my forehead to emphasize that everything was going to be ok.

" Please stay with me tonight" i said feeling a little bit better at least enough to stop myself from crying. "Of course anything for you but you know i might not be able to stay all night sam might call". "Thats ok i just want you with me for as long as possible". So i got changed in the bathroom and got ready for bed and when i came back he was on my bed reading one of my many books.

I walked over and layed down under my green and black argile comforter. he wrapped his arms around me. "your like my personal heater" i said yawning and begining to drift off. " I'd be anything for you nessie" he said also yawning and before i knew it we were both out and i was dreaming about this exact thing being wrapped in his arms only in this dream it never ended.
sorry for the spelling in this last part of chapter 3. im not the best.... well i hope you like it..... give me more feedback and thanks for all th previous feedback you all are great:)
haha yeah.....


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