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Hi guys i just decided that i wanted to write a story on Jacob and Renesmees' life together as a couple please give me your feedback:)


     Renesmee P.O.V.


                        I sat wide awake wondering what my parents were talking about downstairs with my new boyfriend Jacob Black. Everytime i thought of Jacob it brought a smile to my face i just couldnt help it. Something had changed between myself and jacob over the last couple of weeks and i loved him more then life itself!


        Jacob had come over worried this morning and when i asked him what was wrong he just told me it was nothing so now more then ever it was killing me to hear my parents and him debating over me.


       "Jacob" my father said "You know i think of you as one of my closest friends but i just dont think it is the best time for her or for you i just think she is still to young". I heard Jacob sigh "Edward you know my feelings for Renesmee you know i would never hurt her, it would hurt me too". Then i heard my mother sigh and say " Jacob your my best friend and i truly belive that you and Renesmee are perfect in everyway for eachother but i just think its to soon to think about dating she is only seven when you think about it". 


      Then i heard Jacobs perfect inflection in his voice when he debated with them. "Yes she is only seven but she looks eighteen and talks like she's thirty, you've seen over the last couple of weeks that our relationship has been blossoming from just friends". "Yes imprinting is a tricky subject" said edward "i've seen your relationship growing and i've seen in both of your minds how much you care for eachother but i just don't think you all are ready".


       Finally i had enough i was running down the stairs and into the living room before i knew it " STOP THIS!" i yelled " I've had enough of you all talking about my relationship when i'm not even here!"


        Everyone just looked at me and said nothing. Finally my mother spoke up "Your right sweetie its not fair of us debate about your relationship without you please sit down and we can talk about this". "Thank you" was all i said. "So" my father said "What did you want to say exactly?". "All I wanted to say is that i love jacob and you can't stop me". I looked over and saw my Jacobs mouth hanging open i had never exactly told him that i loved him. i mean i'd told him in so many words but i'd never just come right out and said it. This gave Jacob new courage "Yeah" he said " We love eachother and there is nothing that you can do".


     I smiled inwardly this was going good because from the look on my parents faces said that they weren't going to do anything about it. "Yes Renesmee i guess there is nothing we can do about it" he said responding to my thoughts "I think that since you both were willing to come to us first we could let the idea sink in a little".


       "Oh Thank you Thank you Thank you" I said while hugging my dad. This was perfect i had my boyfriend and parents approvel everything was going great i was happy that i could finally be with the guy i've been destined to be with my entire exsitence.


        Later on Jacob and i were laying on La Push beach hand in hand. "What are you thinking about?" Jacob asked. "Just about you and how happy i am" i giggled nervously "What about you?". "The same i guess only i was also thinking about how lucky i am to have you". " Yeah i'm lucky to have you to" i said and i meant it.


        Jacob got up and so did i. I knew that meant that he had to go to be with Sam so i let him go but before two seconds could go by he was back and i was in his arms sharing a kiss with him. " I love you Renesmeee Cullen and don't you forget it". "How could I when i love you just as much". And with that he kissed me softly on the forehead and said goodbye.


      As i ran back to my house that i shared with my entire family it got me thinking about life in general. I mean i had it pretty good for somebody my age. A beautiful house, a loving family, and great friends. Even though my Best Friend in the entire world didn't know i was half-vampire i still felt like she knew me inside out. She could read me like a book and i was glad.


      Annie and I had been best friends since my first day at Forks High School where everyone thought i was my fathers neice. Her and i were inseprible and to alike for our own good. We were both in all AP Classes which meant we had tons of classes together and we were both very much so into keeping a low profile. 


     I still remember my first day at Forks High School. I walked into the front office to get my list of classes for the day and Annie was in there as well. As we were waiting she started chating away asking me about where i moved from, why i moved and how long i was staying. I told her i had just moved here from Alaska and that i had moved to come and live with my Aunt and Uncle, Bella and Edward Cullen and that i was staying for as long as they wanted me to stay. She had asked me why i had moved down from Alaska away from my parents but right as she asked me the aid came back with our classes so we walked to 1st period together and i explained that my parents had died in a car accident and "uncle" Edward was my only family.


    Of course she bought my story word for word and told me how sorry she was for what had happened. I told her that it still hurt but that i was okay now and from that day forth we had been friends. She new everything about me except for the part that i was half-vampire and that Edward was really my dad but other then that she was the only person who truly knew me besides Jacob.


      As i reached the house i slowed to see who was home. From what i could hear Aunt Alice And Uncle Jasper were in the living room watching t.v with Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett. While my Grandparents were in my grandfathers study talking about a patient of his down at the hospitial and my parents didn't seem to be anywhere in the house Must be out hunting i thought. "hmm" i said hunting didn't sound to bad so as quickly as i had come to the house i left ready to find my parents and to hunt.



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Its amazing please right more and soon
Ya its one of Bella's "19" bday presents
Idk maybe Edward and Bella knocked it down lol
yeah i just decided that the story would work better if they lived in the house with everyone else.
and what do you mean by my grammer is off?
write more plz i love it !


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