The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 1      I love U

 Nessie's POV


"hey jake can we go somewhere?" I asked

"ya where you wanna go?" he asked

"somewhere we can be alone." i said

"how about a secret meadow?" jake asked

"sure!" i said

We drove abot 20 min before we got to this beautiful meadow right out side of la push

"oh, jake i love this place" i almost screamed

"really? awsome i haped u would" he said

"jake there's something i want to tell u something!"



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thank u
A Jacob and Nessie love story
Chapter 1 I love U
Nessie's POV

"hey Jake can we go somewhere?" I asked
"Ya where you want to go?" he asked
"somewhere we can be alone." I said
"how about a secret meadow?" Jake asked
"sure!" I said
We drove about 20 min before we got to this beautiful meadow right out side of la push
"oh, Jake I love this place" i almost screamed
"really? awesome I hopped u would" he said
"Jake there's something i want to tell u something!"
Chapter 1 Continued
Nessie’s POV
"What is it?" he said
"I wanted to tell u something" I said shyly
"What is it, is something wrong?" he asked
"NO, NO, no" I said when I saw him starting to get mad, “nothing’s wrong"
"Well then what is it?" he asked again
I leaned in and I kissed him, and he kissed me back
"I love you!" I said, breathless.”

"I love u too!" he said and in that moment my heart was pounding so fast, that i thought it \was going pop out of my chest
He kissed me again but, this time it was long and passionate!
Just then my dad was there throwing Jake to the ground
"DAD, WHAT ARE U DOING!" I shrieked
"ME, ME, what were u doing" he yelled
"Jake are u ok?" I asked
"Ya I okay" he said.
I turned back to my dad
"Why did u do that?"
"Your only 5 years old, you shouldn't be kissing boys, u shouldn't even be thinking that way!!!" he was yelling again
"Im really 16 at mind and body!" I yelled back
Just then my mom showed up
"What’s going on?" she asked
“Our daughter was kissing that” he said and pointed at Jake.
“Your point is what?” she asked
“My point is that she’s 5 years old!” he said, angrily
“Not really she has mind and s body of a 16 year old, so I don’t see the problem.” She said evenly
“Thank you mom” I said
cool and thanx
Chapter 2 What’s Going On
Jakes POV
“Jake you sure your ok?” she asked
“Ya I’m fine.” I assured her.
“ok, love ya.” She said
“Love you too” I said
“What are we going to do?” she asked
“About, what?” I asked
“About my dad, I think he’s going to freak every time we kiss and I don’t want him to hurt you!” she sounded scared
“Don’t worry your moms on it Ness” I told her
“Can we leave, please?” she asked
“Ya, just a sec.” I said
“K” she said
I went and got the car keys, so we could go to my place. Then Bella was right in front in front of me.
“Can I talk to you, alone?” she asked
“Ya, what you wanna talk about?” I asked
“I want to talk to you about Nessie” she said and surprisingly not mad at all!
“What about her?” I asked kind of worried that she might get mad if I said something wrong.
“I just want to make sure that you’re not going to hurt her in any way.” As she said this I was a little surprised by what she was saying. Was she going stupid or something? I imprinted on ness, and you can’t break that. Little did I know I was saying this aloud.
“I’m sorry, I just wanted to make sure!” she said offended
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that, and no I’m not going to hurt her” I said getting a little mad.
“I’m sorry, I just want what’s best for her, you know?” she asked
“Ya, I’m sorry, and I swear I won’t hurt her, I love her!” I nearly shouted at her.
“Well, ok then, we’re done here.” She said
“Good, Nessie and I will be at my place.” I said walking out the door
Edwards POV
“why did you just let them go like go like that” I asked. She is only 5 years old she shouldn’t be dating boys yet.
“ because I trust them, and I don’t see why you don’t. We in love at a young age! Why are you being so hard on them?” she asked
“she’s only 5 years old!”I said yet again.
“now you and I both know that’s not true and it’s not the reason. I think its more cause of who she’s with.”
“No its not!” I said
“yes it is, its almost like when you thought that Jake would hurt me, but he never did, did he? No he didn’t. so are you going to let this ruin your relationship with your only daughter?”she asked and I knew she was right so with a sigh I said “no your right I shouldn’t be so hard on them.”
“You can apologize to them later, right now let’s go back to the house” she said
“ok” I said.
Nessie’s POV
“Omg! What was his problem, he never yells at me!” I said. I am so mad that I was yelling at Jake. ”I’m sorry Jake I shouldn’t be yelling at you like this. I'm sorry! I said
“no its ok you should be getting all this out!” he said
“no it's not ok! I should be telling him this, but instead I ran off like a coward!” I was sort of yelling
“You are anything but a coward, your amazing, smart, talented, and so much more but you’re not a coward!” as he was saying this it made me love him even more!
“Oh, Jake I love you so much!” I said a little loud
“I love you too!” he said right back. I kissed him, long and I couldn’t stop and I think I was ready for more, but not like this.
“Jake please, we need to stop,” I said.
“Why?” he asked
“I don’t want to do this, this way.” I said
“Do what, what way?” he asked
“Jake we’re sitting on your bed, kissing, and for like five min. what do you think?” I asked
“OH, OH! Nessie I would never! Not unless you were ready.”
“Thank you” I said
“Nessie I would never pressure you into anything.” I said
“Well I'm glad.” I said. “oh and by the way I love you.”
“I love you too.” He said.
“What are we going to do now?” I asked
“We’re going to love each other no madder what anyone says!”
“Exactly!” I said
hey this awesome
Great job;)
and please keep posting
thank you
it good keep it up :)
Chapter 3 the Mess UP
Bella’s POV
It’s been 3 months’ since Edward freaked out about Jake and Nessie, so all seems to be going well. Jake seems to be very happy and so does Nessie, I’m very happy forthem both.
“Hey, Edward?”I asked
“Yes, love?” he asked
“What’s, Nessie and Jake doing?” I asked
“They’re just walking in a meadow.” He said
“oh, ok” I said.”I'm bored, can we go do something?”I asked
“I got the perfect thing in mind!” he said all excited now.
“Oh and I think I know what it is!” I said
“Come on!” he said.
“Coming!” I said
this is really goood ! keep me updatedd
Nessie's POV
“Jake, I'm having a wonderful time!” I said
“me too” he said “Nessie I've got something to ask you”
“what is it?” I asked. We had stopped walking and he was In front of me. Then he got down on one knee! I felt like couldn't breathe!
“Renessemee Carlie Cullen I promise to love you for as long as I live! Will you marry me?” he asked and opened a box, with the most beautiful ring! All I could is shake my head yes.
“yes, oh, Nessie I love you more than life itself" he said
Then my parents were there. My dad looked angry. My mom just looked upset and surprised.. My mom just looked upset and surprised.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” my dad asked
“Nothing!” I said.


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