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Guys..i'm really excited for BD but i'm also really sad 'cause our jake will suffer...i love him and the idea of him suffering makes me wanna hit bella for being so stupid!

Is it worth it watch the movie knowing that will be sad for jacob??

What you guys think???

Should i  just accept and watch the movie anyway or dont watch and make a fanfic of a better BD ?

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If I were you, I would write a fanfic that includes Jacob/Bella pairing. But, it's your decission
I think you should watch it anyway. Jacob suffers yes, but he also gains something from his suffering........Renessmee. It's not bella's fault that jacob gets hurt. She actually tries to prevent it, but it's just not possible. I can actually relate to the pain bella, jacob, and edward goes through in Breaking Dawn. Give the movie a chance, you might actually come to like it.
I'm definitely going to see Breaking Dawn this year. I'm excited to watch it. Everybody's going to see it. You should watch it. It's going to be an amazing movie.

i would watch the movie cuz at least jake will get renesmee, although in part 1 theres no ness in the trailer sooo yeah..

but i think you should make a fanfiction story, as long as you post it here 2!

I think you should watch the movie because even though he suffers you get see him in a great movie and like everyones been saying he gets Renessmee.


Oh yeah, because that is so passionate: loving a baby like that already... Still think that BD is not the best of SM...

both i think


I would TOTALLY  watch the movie! Remember that there is one whole chunk of the book/movie in Jacob's point of view. He will be in a whole chunk of the movie. Also remember that he will once again be happy after Renesmee (Nessie) is born. They will become best-friends and he will be happy...

Do both ...

That's what I've been doing.

Things don't walways go the way we want it,so we make fanfics :)

But i'm DEFINATELY watching the movie !!!!!!!!!!

& my life will be over,when the movies end ;(

Did you guys see the Breaking Dawn trailer yet? I saw it, and it amazed me. It amazed me because I knew how good Breaking Dawn is going to be.

Jacob gets with Bellas daughter anyways, so give the movie a chance. Its fictional, not real life. And it's not like as if the character of Bella doesn't care for him. It just shows how someone can love 2 different people at the same time, and being torn between the two.  It happens in life, except we don't turn into wolves or vampires.



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