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Hey, so I decided that after a long thought I would post my story on here! Yay, okay don't get too excited k? Anyway, I don't own the twilight characters in here but I do own the other ones so if you would like to use one of them, message me and we will talk! So here we go! I'm so excited!

                                            Chapter 1: Never Wanted Any of This

    Yea. I never wanted this life, this body, this soul, this father, these painful reminders. It feels like the only person who truly cares is my seventeen year old brother, Damien. He actually, truly loves me so whenever he sees the painful events, he does try to stop them. But I can't let Damien get hurt anymore. Every time he butts in or tries to stop my father from my 'punishments',he ends up hurting himself plus me even more. I talk to him afterwards and tell him that I'm okay, but he knows that I'm lying. He says the same thing each time. "You can't lie to me anymore Katrina! You just ...can't... I can tell your hurting with that look in your eyes and that fake smile on your face! The way he hurts you just makes me sick." He spits into the grass. " When its my birthday, I promise you that we will runaway from this hell hole..." Damien pauses to look at me. " I promise you we will get away from him. He won't be able to hurt you anymore." I couldn't help but think why Damien doesn't have a girlfriend. Any girl would be lucky to have him as a lover, a protector. That must come from our father though.


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Your welcome. When will you put up the next chapter?

Either tonight or tomorrow I think..
I can't make any promises though...
Ok maybe... how did u like it?

I LOVE IT,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks! Next chapter will be up soon!

  OK guys... I love the support by the way and I'm sorry about the mistakes but they're pre-written and I check them but they sometimes don't copy right so... Here's the next chapter and today is 012TeamJACOB4ever's birthday so happy birthday to you! Enjoy and tell me what I need to work on OK?
                              Chapter 3: The Worst Beating of All
   Damien walked us back to our new home in La Push from the mini-park behind the elementary school. All the while I was worried that Dad might be home. As if to read my mind, Damien said "don't worry, he gets home at 8. Its only 6."

  I nod and say " but what if he's home early?" I guess he never thought of that because he shook his head and started jogging farther into the foggy street, leaving me behind. I ran after him only to run into his back.

  "What's wrong?" I asked, following the stare of his eyes. At first, I had to squint into the dark and foggy air but then I realized that we were in front of the house.
   "He's home!" I exclaimed, worry clear in my voice.
   "I know, I know...Be quiet and maybe we can sneak in without waking him." I was just about to ask Damien how he knew dad was sleeping when we weren't even in the house, but he started walking towards the door. Again, I had to run after him because he walks way too fast for me.He opened the door quietly, crouching and sneaking though the doorway. I laughed at his sneaky ways but I was cut off by a pull of my hair.

   "Oww!" I noticed that Damien was pushed aside by the couch, casting me a sorry expression, as dad dragged me into the kitchen, an arm around my throat and a hand pulling my hair.
   "Youdifitagon!"( You did it again!) My dads words slurred. I knew his speech slurred like it was another language.
   "What did I do again?" I choked out.

   "Youmsseduptedishagon!"(You missed up the dish again!) He pushed my face into the dish on the counter. I pulled back from it.
   "What am I supposed to do about it? That's the paint on the dish!" I yelled a little too loud.
   "Dontyouyllatme! Wshtedishof! Thtsnttepant!" He yelled back at me in a jumble ( "don't you yell at me! Wash the dish off! That's not the paint!").
   "No." He looked at me like i was stupid.

  "Whtdidyoujstsay?"( What did you just say?) I stared back, not letting him win this fight. I pulled up all my anger and put it into words.

  "You heard me right. No... You are not obligated to treat me this way. I'm not the cause of mothers death." He took in a sharp intake of breath. " yea, you knew but you just had to put your anger on someone so you picked me. Well its not going to work anymore because I will fight back and I will hurt back. Damien has tried to stop you but now its my turn to step up and my turn to fight my own battles. Get over it dad. She's dead. No matter how many times you beat me, she won't come back. Stop drinking and get your act together or I will call--" I was stopped as he slapped me with such force, I thought that my cheek was bleeding.I swore under my breath and stood up, running upstairs to my room. For a brief second, I saw someone chatting with my brother on the couch. No, I thought. Dad brought a drunken buddy with him home. I slammed and locked my door, collapsing on the edge of my bed. I cried for what seemed like hours but in reality was about five minutes. Bang, bang! Shoot, I have to deal with the wrath of drunken dad. He is actually nice when he's not drunk but that side of him doesn't come out a lot. Bang, bang!

  "Opentedor, Kat."( Open the door, Kat) He spoke my name like I was an awful taste in his mouth. Clank. Oh no, he unlocked the door.
   "Getup!" He said, pulling my leg.
   "Nnmmpp" I said into my blankets. He pulled my hair, making my head jerk up.
   "Danny, comehlpmeot!"(Danny, come help me out!) I heard footsteps coming up the stairs as I screamed. Where was Damien? Danny grabbed me by the waist as dad had my wrists, casting an iron grip around them. I shook as hard as I could, trying to shake their grip on me but it seemed that it only tightened. I then thought of something as they dragged me out of the house. Dads hand around my wrists were in biting range. If I could do it fast enough so that they don't catch on... Then all of a sudden, I was free, my dad on the ground, holding his arm. Oh, it worked! Danny, standing stupid, caught on and started chasing me, dad on his tail. I ran to the house and into the family room. Nice and spacious room... check! I thought. They got in just in time and stopped right in front of me, looking stupid once again. They really had no clue about my plan but with the murderous look on my face, it didn't look good for them.

Thanks! Think I need to work on anything? I love your guys feedback so please give me good criticism okay? Thanks!~ Taylor (Also, thanks for 100 views I love it! And I might not be able to post for a while but don't give up and follow this story for new chapter updates!)

were watching

I hope so! LOL
Also news about Jacob in soon... He will be in the story about the fifth chapter continuation so he will be here soon... its not just about Kat lol

damien is one of those rare brothers its also in sisters at times that they have become so close to there sibling they see it in a way that most cant understand in thier eyes it takes them both to make one person this realy happens in some siblings so this story is not far fetched

Yea and I tried to make it that way because they have a really deep connection like he replaces the role of father and she seems to see Damien that way as well... I think ill continue tonight or tomorrow!

good work


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