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Hey, so I decided that after a long thought I would post my story on here! Yay, okay don't get too excited k? Anyway, I don't own the twilight characters in here but I do own the other ones so if you would like to use one of them, message me and we will talk! So here we go! I'm so excited!

                                            Chapter 1: Never Wanted Any of This

    Yea. I never wanted this life, this body, this soul, this father, these painful reminders. It feels like the only person who truly cares is my seventeen year old brother, Damien. He actually, truly loves me so whenever he sees the painful events, he does try to stop them. But I can't let Damien get hurt anymore. Every time he butts in or tries to stop my father from my 'punishments',he ends up hurting himself plus me even more. I talk to him afterwards and tell him that I'm okay, but he knows that I'm lying. He says the same thing each time. "You can't lie to me anymore Katrina! You just ...can't... I can tell your hurting with that look in your eyes and that fake smile on your face! The way he hurts you just makes me sick." He spits into the grass. " When its my birthday, I promise you that we will runaway from this hell hole..." Damien pauses to look at me. " I promise you we will get away from him. He won't be able to hurt you anymore." I couldn't help but think why Damien doesn't have a girlfriend. Any girl would be lucky to have him as a lover, a protector. That must come from our father though.


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Ok, so it's tomorrow and I promised I would update so here it is. This is the continuation of chapter 8 BTW and I would like to know if anyone is up to making a banner and if so, plz message me!

                                                          Chapter 8 (part 2): The Shocking Revelation


******As if I left my body or something, it felt like I changed or exploded into a million pieces. The pain went with the million pieces as well and I felt like the weight as been lifted off my shoulders, or rather put on my shoulders. Suddenly, I felt much heavier though I weight 110 pounds and it almost feels like I weight 220 pounds instead. In my peripheral vision, I could see a snout is it? Yep, definitely a wolf's nose. I looked down and almost collapsed. I had paws and a wolf's nose!Damien must have been trying to gear me up for this but you can never gear up for the pain that I went through.

       I looked up and I must have been dreaming because there are 10 other wolfs in the woods, including the one that was laying where I'm standing about 15 minutes ago. My brother was in the center and it seemed like he was working with them.

       "I know you must feel afraid right now and you must want to try to run away from this but you shouldn't. You need to stay here so we can help you." He stretched his arms out wide. "We know what you are going through and the pain you've felt." I snorted. I doubt that anyone would know how painful it would be to go through that.

       "Come here. It's ok. You can trust me. I'm still the same person you've been with for your entire life." He stepped closer and brought his hand forward as if to pet me. I feel like I'm 7 foot tall or something and the wolfs in the woods are about a foot taller than me.******


(Kat's POV)

       I have no idea what to do about this situation I'm in. I could either run away and not come back because I know all the others can shift and live a happy, normal life or I can stay and try to shift back, knowing that I'll be shifting all the time.

       All of a sudden, everything was a blur. I turned 180° and ran through the forest at inhuman speed. I guess the guys were one step ahead of me because I almost ran into a wolf that was in front of me. That caused me to turn left, which resulted to three other wolfs in front of me that were following me. I found an opening in the two groups and ran for it. They snapped at me, trying to grab hold of my fur, but I was faster. I ran for a while, having to take different routes because they got ahead of me but there was always an opening for me to go through because I'm smaller than them. I'm also white which doesn't help because they're a whole bunch of colors that could blend into the trees like black and brown or gray.

       As soon as I knew it, I was flung 20 feet into a tree by a gray and black wolf. The tree broke due to the sudden force but I fell and felt like I had a couple broken bones. I was about to start running again but I realized I got circled while I was down. They all stared at me as I stood up, my bones cracking as I went. In turn, I stared at them back, rolling my eyes as to say "What you guys never ran away when you shifted?" A couple of them made this deep, raspy sound that sounded like they laughed at me. I growled but stopped when a figure stepped out of the pack that I knew all too well. Jake. He stepped lightly, as if he didn't want to scare me off, and took it one step at a time until I allowed him about 3 feet in front of me then I lightly growled. He stopped, getting the hint.

       "Ok. We have all been through the same thing and even the same thoughts." I rolled my eyes. "Yes the same thoughts, Kat. Your thinking that you should run away so that you don't have to shift and you could live a normal life right?" I hesitantly nod my head. "So, like I said, same thoughts. We all went through that same pain but you were born into the wolf line to protect your people from our enemies. The cold ones or better known as vampires. We shift when they move here and we," he gestures to the wolfs behind him, "shifted because there is a clan of bloodsuckers that moved back here a while ago and our natural instincts came in except there is an exception with this group of fangs. Our ancestors found them hunting on our land but they claimed they were different. They drank only animal blood so they came up with a treaty. If they stopped hunting on our land, we wouldn't kill them and that's where they drew the line in the sand."

       I hadn't noticed he took tiny steps towards me until he stopped his story. Now he was within an arm's length away from me. I snapped my teeth at him and surprisingly, he didn't flinch. "Werewolf too, remember?" Oh, shoot. He's just so cute, I forgot that he can turn too.

       "Can you turn back now?" I shook my head while the same black and gray wolf that flung me in the tree poked him in the side with his nose and winked at me. Then I realized who that was. That's Damien. He's the one who flung me in the tree. I crouched down and started walking towards him. He saw that and stood up tall and growled. For some reason, I stopped dead in my tracks. What the hell??? I started shaking my head and growling and snarling to wake me out of it so I could get him but I couldn't. I heard a couple of the wolfs laughing at me but that only made me snarl more. By then, Jake had gotten to me and started petting me to calm me down. It may sound wierd but it helped and I stopped almost instantly. The little things he do make me love him a little more.

       "Ok. We need to get you to turn back now. The first time it is a little difficult but you can practice and it will eventually become instant. All you have to do is calm your nerves and clear your mind." My nerves were already shot down by Jake but he made my mind go berzerk so I need him to go or something. As if he read my mind, he started backing away. "We all need to go so that Damien can help her. Let's gather her clothes."

       The wolfs left simultaneously, running back to the clearing while Jake went behind a bush. He came out a few seconds later except as a wolf. I let this image burn into my head as he smiled at me and ran away.


A/N: So as I said, this is the continuation of chapter 8 and leave a comment because I love seeing them! Also as I said, I would really like to know if anyone knows any banner makers or are a banner maker so I could possibly advertise this story better. If you have any questions, let me know!

this is a good story, i definetly wasnt expecting her becoming a werewolf, but dont you think she would have shifted earlier, when she was mad at her dad...

No, because this was the effect of the battle with the newborns but she turned after it... It's a great catch though :D The fight with her dad added onto the werewolf shifting but wasn't quite there yet so when the power of the imprint and the newborn fight (which she didn't know about) came around, it just kinda made the werewolf meter explode and voilá! Thanks for reading!

great update!  you are a wonderful writer.  i can't wait to see where things go.

Thanks for the comment! I'm posting tonight (since it's 1:45 am lol) so I hope you'll be around to read it!

So, as I said, I would update today and it's time! I have no idea how far I'm going with this chapter so bear with me.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Stephanie Meyer's characters or the plots or the show Cops... I only own my imagination and my characters :P



                                                           Chapter 9: An Awkward, yet Awesome Time Alone

(Jake's POV)


       After we got Kat's clothes together, we gave them to her and headed off to Emily's house. She was there waiting for us, like always, and welcomed us with open arms for what seemed like the millionth time. She would be a great mother and she always acts like we're her children or something which is why I guess she's the alphas imprint. Once we were inside, we were hit by the smell of fried chicken and mashed potatoes for lunch. I wondered why she doesn't have a job but then I realized that she thinks her job is to help us out because she's destined too. She is way too great!

       We all got seated at the table and started eating except for me. "I don't feel like eating right now," I said when the guys shot looks at me when they noticed I didn't dig in. Instead of sitting and watching them eat, I got up and sat on the couch in the living room. Switching the TV on, I started watching "Cops" and waited until Kat came back. Unfortunately, I had to talk to her and tell her what's going on and tell her about imprinting. If I didn't do it now, I wouldn't be able to build up enough strength again to say it. If I say it though, it might be too much for her and she might break down and feel embarrassed in front of me because I'm pretty much going to confess my love to her no matter how cheesy that sounds.

       I continued to think about it and fight with myself when I heard the commotion in the kitchen. "Hey! You guys are back! I heard what happened Kat... Are you ok?" Emily sounded concerned like always.

       "Yea I'm fine... Hurt like hell but I'm fine. Damien threw me into a tree," she pauses to laugh, "and I think I broke a few bones but doesn't feel like it anymore."

       "In my defense, I had to throw you in that tree because you were running away from us. And about the broken bones, they healed. It's the power of the werewolf gene." I could practically hear the smile in his voice when he said the werewolf gene like he's lucky he has it. Any other person would gawk and be like 'awww, I want to heal that fast'. I guess I would too if I was normal...

       "Yea, whatever. Hey, where's Jake?" Wait... What? I can't believe she's actually asking for me.

       "In here!" I automatically jump up from the couch and almost ran to the hallway when I bumped into her. "Woops, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to run into you." I laughed at how corny that sounded. I totally wanted to run into her (;P).

       "It's ok. This may seem awkward but I have to ask you something." I wiped the smile off my face and stared at her. Oh no, what did she want to talk about? Was it totally obvious that I loved her and that it's practically written on my face?

       I took myself out of my trance and finally said something. "Umm, yea. What do you want to ask?"

       She didn't answer for a couple of seconds and I thought she forgot where she was for a second but then she snapped and furrowed her brows. "Oh,uuummmm, just follow me." She took my hand and lead me upstairs. I just followed, wide-eyed, looking at where our hands are joined together. I smiled like a lunatic while she took me into her temporary bedroom upstairs. I was really confused why we went up here but I guess she wanted some privacy or something, not that it will help.

       "So about that question..." I looked at her eyes, still smiling.

       She closed the door and went to sit on the bed. I found a chair and sat on it. There were a good couple awkward minutes of silence. I wondered what the boys thought of the quietness. They probably are freaking out, thinking that we're kissing or something. Seeing my questioning look I threw her, she finally answered me. "I wanted to know more about this." She gestured to her and I got what she meant.

       "Ummm, well first, there's supernatural abilities like great hearing unlike humans, there's unnatural healing, greater running speed, turning into a wolf of course, we can also hear what everyone's thoughts are when we're a wolf, and there's one other thing." I stopped, scared and nervous to tell her. What if she starts freaking out of throws me out the house? I gulped down my fears but she stopped me before I was going to say anything.

       "Is the super healing how my bones got healed so fast and how I was going so fast through the forest... That was the greater running?" She was staring right at me. I nervously laughed a little bit and turned the chair a couple of times.

       "Uhh, yea that's what happened. We also have greater strength but that's not what I was going to tell you." I stopped again, building up the strength again. Turning in the chair a couple more times, I think I finally built enough strength when she stopped me again from sayin anything.

       "So, what's the other thing? I think I can handle it, no matter what it is." I laughed again, but not because of nervousness.

       "No, I think you'll throw me out." I laughed again when she got really confused. Just say it already! My subconscious was really impatient but pushed me to finally come out with it. "We have this ability to imprint. It's where we find our better half, the person we are destined to be with, and when we see her, or him in your and Leah's case, we kinda forget the world and suddenly, it's not the world holding you to the ground, it's her. Everything about her gets soaked up in your pores and you can't fight it, no matter if you think your in love or not. It's really a reminder that she's the one and only and she will be the person to continue the werewolf line." I snapped my mouth shut with my hand, knowing what I just said had be very offensive to all imprintees out in the world.

       She just stared at the ground, soaking in what I had just said. A lot of long minutes went by, I think 10 or so, when she started talking again. " you feel that way about... anyone?" She shuddered, almost the thought scared her. Good, the imprint should scare her, I thought.

       Shaking my head at my thought, I replied, "Ummm, yea. That's the thing though. It's...." Then, my throat closed up, saying that I can't say it. I opened my mouth to say it but it still won't come out.

       She took the chance to look at me, questioning why I stopped by the look on her face. "Who did you imprint on? It's ok...I won't tell her." She stood up and stood in the middle of the room.

       I got up as well and meet her in the middle. Pulling her into a huge hug, my throat finally allowed me to talk. "I imprinted on you." I said with finality and pride, feeling good that I'm telling her I love her. Instead of returning the hug, she pushed me back.

       "You what?!? When... How... Where?" She gazed at my eyes but I didn't find confusion in them like I thought I did, Instead, I found love and passion for the man that was standing in front of her, within an arm's length. I crossed my brows and she saw that and reached out with both hands to my face. With one hand on my cheek and the other rubbing where my eyebrows were mashed together, I automatically unfurrowed them and leaned into her touch on my cheek. She grabbed either side of my face and pulled it down to eye's length.

       "I did too, you know." Then she pulled on my face into a kiss. Her lips were warm and soft as they moved mine along with hers. It took me a moment before I could pull myself into reality because I thought it was all a dream. I put my arms around her waist to take away the distance between us and she moved her hands to my hair. This wasn't a gentle, passionate kiss but instead a lust-filled, rough, almost-makeout session. We continued, moving our hands throughout our torsos, her keeping one hand in my hair but the other exploring my bare chest while I was running my own hand up her body to take out her ponytail and the other roaming her side. Finally, after a couple of minutes, she broke the kiss to gasp for air.

       "Who did you imprint on?" I asked when I caught some air. She laughed and shook her head in my chest. "What? I just want to know." I mocked, putting fake saddness in my voice.

       "I wouldn't have done that if I imprinted on another man, silly." She shook her head again and broke our embrace to look into the full-sized mirror she had to fix her hair. I looked for a moment to spike my hair back into its position.

       "We better get back down there before they suspect something happened." I laughed and pointed towards the door.

       "Yea, probably." She took my hand and we both headed to the waiting crowd downstairs. Yep, this is definately not a dream.


A/N: So? How did you guys like the first kiss? It was a pretty big moment if I do say so myself and even I had to calm myself down... Comments and questions are much appreciated!!! Also, if you guys were wondering WHEN she had time to imprint when she shifted, it was the end of the last chapter when she let his image burn into her mind... I didn't want to over exaggerate about it until the kiss.

I loved their first kiss!! please update soon :)

So, I've decided that I would mess around with Photoshop and I did! This is the final product and I need opinions if it's good to broadcast or not plz!


I hate to say this because I love updating, but I need at least two comments in order for me to update... But I update on Saturday and this sucks t- _-)t So plz comment or say it's great or whatever!

please please please update! i cannot wait for more!!! please! i need more!!!!! i love this story so much!

great update!  can't wait for your next one!

Ok, so I wanna thank you guys for the reviews! They are what make the story strive on! Anyway, this is chapter 10 and if you guys want to send any suggestions my way, send them and I'll take them into consideration but keep reviewing!


                                                              Chapter 10: Time to Explain

(Jake’s POV)

       When we got downstairs, everyone was staring at us, not saying a word. It was very awkward because a couple people were looking at our hands and others were looking away now, trying not to laugh about the silence that was in the room or that was earlier. Emily was wide-eyed, switching her gaze from me, Kat, the boys, and then back to me. I guess she was really shocked and was probably thinking about what happened upstairs even though she didn’t have super-hearing like we did. This went on for a couple of minutes until Kat must have finally gotten peeved because she said, “What are you staring at? Can’t a couple walk around holding hands?”

       That got a whoop of hoots and laughs and a lot of them saying, “What happened up there? Did you guys have a quickie or something?” She really got angry and started shaking. I pulled her into the kitchen and gave her a big hug.

       “Hey, don’t worry about it. If they’re jealous, then they’re jealous. Haters can hate. So on, you know? You just need to be happy that we’re together and nothing can tear us apart.” She slowly stopped shaking and hugged me back.

       “Yea, I guess. It’s just since I just started shifting, it’s hard to control my anger sometimes. All I was thinking was to stop shaking and not let it get into my head but I guess it’s hard for the first couple of weeks.” She pulled away and went back into the living room where everyone was still going on about us. “Hey guys. We have something to say and I would like it if you would shut up for a second.” When they went silent, I chuckled and went to where Kat was standing, wrapping my arms around her waist and putting my head on her shoulder.

       “So as you guys saw, we were holding hands. Yes, I guess we are going out but it doesn’t mean you guys can tease us about it or torment me in our heads when we shift.” I stated, trying to set some ground rules but all they did was laugh it off again.

       “HEY!!! Stop! We’re not done yet.” She got them to settle down again. “I also wanted to say that if I hear you have been a pain in the neck towards Jake, I will get you back on that whether it’s when we’re patrolling or what, I will still get you.” She stopped to give them a stare down. She actually scared Collin and Brady a little bit. I laughed again and patted her stomach so I could say something.

       “It’s okay guys. But really, don’t go on about it. It’s none of your guys’ business and it’s also not your relationship so don’t give me any hell about it.” I pointed to Paul. “Especially you. You have been a pain in the butt, getting into our heads and picking out information that the others might not want to even know so don’t do it. Ever. Ok, you guys got it?” They all nodded and went on about pack schedules and other pack stuff I already knew.

       Emily pulled Kat into the bedroom and told me that it was girl talk now and I couldn’t be there, so I sat down with the guys and zoned out, thinking about our hot kiss.


(Kat’s POV)

       As soon as Emily pulled me into the bedroom, I collapsed against the door, shocked out of my mind. It took me a while to take in the situation but then she saw that I was fine and asked me every little thing she could possibly ask.

       “What happened up there? You guys are going out? Has anything else happened between you two yet? Why don’t I know any of this???”

       I hold my hands out in order for her to stop asking so many questions. “Hold on, ok? So, we are going out I think and we just talked about the wolf stuff when he mentioned this imprint thing. He imprinted on me and I guess when I turned, I imprinted on him as well. The imprint thing got heated up and we just kissed. End of story.” I crossed my arms over my chest as she stood up, fanning her face.

       “OMMGGGEEEEEEEEE!” She screeched a little too loudly. I quickly got up and covered her mouth while she kept screaming. When she finally stopped, I checked to see it was all clear by slowing lifting my hand away from her mouth and it seemed all good except that she was breathing shallow and her heart was beating fast.

       “Are you all right? You’re not going to have a heart attack on me or anything are you?” I jokingly said, hoping that would help her better.

       “Well, I’m not sure…” She drew out the end of her sentence, ending in a chuckle.

       “I guess that’s a “Yes, I’m okay, Kat!” But really, if we go out there you’re not going to start up again are you ‘cause I can lock you in here if need be.” I said, putting my hands on her shoulders.

       “Fine. They probably know anyways because of the hearing stuff. Sometimes I wish I could have that but oh well you know?” She shrugged my hands off her shoulders and was about to open the door when she started up again. “Are you sure that’s it? I don’t want you keeping it in and then feel guilty later.” She gave me a serious look and I looked away.

       “Yeah, that’s it.” I didn’t want to tell her how heated up it got because I might never hear the end of it from her. I guess that if it’s double imprint, it’s double intense which makes it harder for self-control when we’re with each other.

       I could tell she didn’t believe me but she let it go. When she opened the door, there was an uproar of noise. Everyone hear what we talked about even though they were talking about other things. Now, we were bombarded with questions when I had enough.

       “Leave me and my private life the hell alone!!!!” I stormed out the back door and shifted automatically, not bothering to change out of my clothes.


(Jake’s POV)

       After Kat stormed into the forest, no one decided they wanted to go after her. I wouldn’t blame them after the wrath she unleashed on the room. After she left, the room was still filled with her anger and so it was quiet for a good 20 minutes I think.

       I finally got up to go after her. They didn’t say anything; they were too busy feeling sorry for themselves because they got yelled at. Once I got into the forest, I undressed and shifted. Instantly, I smelled her scent. I started running in the direction of her scent when I came across the scent of a vampire on the track as well. No! I ran faster to get the bloodsucker off of Kat when the tracks when a sharp left. Going too far forward, I stopped and ran to the left. I went the fastest I could go, I knew I couldn’t call the guys to get them to help me because it would have alarmed the bloodsucker into going after her faster. The scent was getting stronger and I knew that I was gaining on them.

       A force that was overpowering my sense of smell came in front of me and I ran into it. I jumped back five feet and I growled uncontrollably at the bloodsucker that stopped me. It wasn’t the same one that was going after Kat and if he didn’t move out of my way, he was going to be torn limb from limb. I tried side sweeping around him into the clearing up ahead but he moved with me.

       “I don’t think so! I know what you’re after and you can have her back.” I snarled at him, knowing what he was talking about. I looked around him to find Kat, human, and being held around the neck by a woman bloodsucker. The scene only made me roar even more.

       He just laughed and kept me from going to rip the bloodsucker’s heart out. Oh wait, they don’t have hearts. “You can’t stop her from doing this.” He laughed again.

       I tried again and again to tear and rip him apart but he had me in a position where I couldn’t reach him. When I turned in his arms, he just moved so I couldn’t get him again.

       Kat was unconscious in the vamp’s arms and she was bringing her mouth way too close to Kat’s neck. I snapped and growled and turned as much as I could but the freak had reinforcements. Two other vamps came and helped him contain me. I still thrashed around until suddenly, I had this sharp pain in my hind leg and saw that they stuck a tranquilizer in me. As I started to get dizzy, the woman finally brought her teeth to Kat’s neck.


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