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Hey, so I decided that after a long thought I would post my story on here! Yay, okay don't get too excited k? Anyway, I don't own the twilight characters in here but I do own the other ones so if you would like to use one of them, message me and we will talk! So here we go! I'm so excited!

                                            Chapter 1: Never Wanted Any of This

    Yea. I never wanted this life, this body, this soul, this father, these painful reminders. It feels like the only person who truly cares is my seventeen year old brother, Damien. He actually, truly loves me so whenever he sees the painful events, he does try to stop them. But I can't let Damien get hurt anymore. Every time he butts in or tries to stop my father from my 'punishments',he ends up hurting himself plus me even more. I talk to him afterwards and tell him that I'm okay, but he knows that I'm lying. He says the same thing each time. "You can't lie to me anymore Katrina! You just ...can't... I can tell your hurting with that look in your eyes and that fake smile on your face! The way he hurts you just makes me sick." He spits into the grass. " When its my birthday, I promise you that we will runaway from this hell hole..." Damien pauses to look at me. " I promise you we will get away from him. He won't be able to hurt you anymore." I couldn't help but think why Damien doesn't have a girlfriend. Any girl would be lucky to have him as a lover, a protector. That must come from our father though.


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omg, you have to post more soon!!

Lol thanks! I post on Saturdays so... Come back on Saturday night!

Love it, keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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*I'm sooo sorry this is late! My mom stole my laptop yesterday and so I was not able to type the rest until today but please read on...

This is kind of a huge moment for the couple even though they have never gone out on a date before… It’s huge so just read!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Twilight; Just my imagination and a couple of the characters ;P


                                                       Chapter 11: Destroyed Moments

(Jake’s POV)

       It was summer and I was playing with Bella in my backyard. We had just filled a whole bunch of water balloons and planned this day for several hours earlier. As we finished, I decided I was going invite Rachel, Rebecca, Billy, and Charlie to play with us. They all said sure and I gave them each a map of where the water balloons were located in the forest behind our house.

       Before they reached the forests edge, Bella and I hid behind a bush with a pile of balloons. We went along with our plan as discussed and pelted them, causing a lot of curses and running for the trees. They were following the map which was perfect and planned as well. Before the game, Bella hid all the water balloons in the closet in the house. When no one was watching, I ran my scrawny eleven-year-old butt into the house to receive the bucket of balloons. I had to check to made sure the coast was clear; it was all good.

       Running to the same bush we used to be hiding, I found Bella wasn’t there anymore. That was never part of the plan. When I looked around, I heard a faint whisper and found Bella was at a bush twenty feet ahead. I rushed over there, knowing the others will find out there wasn’t any balloons in the spots marked on the map, and sat down quickly. When a person was in the line of sight, we pitched a balloon at them, occasionally missing but on purpose.

       After twenty minutes of running around in the forest, they started to figure out what was up and we could tell by the way they were spreading out and heading towards the house. I never really knew what they were doing until Bella said so. At that point, I lost track of what I was doing and both of my sisters came up behind us and took us into the living room. Both of our dads were waiting inside and there were towels on the couch so we wouldn’t ruin it. Rachel and Rebecca sat down with both of us on their laps and held us in a bear lock.

       “So, that was a nice plan out there. What did you plan to do with all those balloons?” My dad interrogated.

       “If you don’t answer, you’ll get tickled…The both of you.” Rebecca threatened.

       “Or if you try to run.” Rachel added because Bella was squirming in her grasp.

       “What was that plan out there? Remember, torturous, breath-taking tickles if you don’t answer!” Charlie said, extending his arms out in a tickling motion.

       Neither of us said anything for a couple of minutes until Rachel and Rebecca started tickling us. I held my ground and still didn’t say anything but I was worried about Bella. She was squirming a lot and she hates it when anyone tickles her. Finally, she had had enough.

       “OK! OK! I’ll spill the beans!!!” Rachel and Rebecca lay off of the tickling while we both took gasps of air. Once we had our breath back, Bella finally spoke. “We wanted you guys to go to the spots on the map where the balloons were so we could soak you guys. We gave you guys each a separate map to where the balloons were and once you all were at the areas, we would have run through and got you guys with the remainder of the balloons but that didn’t work out.”

       They all started laughing at once. I got up off of Rebecca’s lap and Bella did the same. We gave each other a funny look before we joined in and started laughing too.

       “We heard you two when you were talking about it so we decided to tell the others.” Rachel and Rebecca said.

       I gave Bella the signaling look and we both attacked all of them at once, tickling out way through. “This was part of our master plan too!!” I yelled over the laughs. Pretty soon, we all stopped and were laughing all together.


       When I woke up, I saw Bella over me, watching to see if I would woke up soon, and behind her there was fighting going on. This fighting wasn’t the usual yelling-in-each-other’s-face fighting but it was bloodsucker/werewolf fighting. I got up quickly only to be pushed down by Bella.

       “No! You have to let me fight! Kat… Where is she?” I sat up and Bella didn’t compete with me this time.

       “Carlisle and Esme took her to the house. Are you all right?” She sounded really worried. She looked back and winced when she saw they were still fighting.

       “Which house? She’s going to freak if they brought her to the leech’s house. You know that don’t you?” I ignored her second question knowing that I’m fine. “Are those two vamps still alive?”

       “Yea… I think. I can’t really tell because it’s all supernatural but you can so why can’t you tell me?” Bella said, winking and lightly pushing my shoulder.

       I looked over at the fight, trying to make sense of the battle. “Are your vamps fighting too?”

       She scowled at me. “Yea, they are.” She stated simply, still giving me an evil eye for what I called her ‘family’.

       I stared at her back. “Yea, they are still alive, but barely holding onto their lives.” She smiled but I didn’t give her a chance to talk. “You know, when I was asleep, I had a dream about that summer when you came out here. We filled all those balloons with water and got caught in our plan remember?”

       When I brought it up, she stopped smiling. She already knew where this was going. “Jake, I don’t really want to talk about-“

       I cut her off again, determined to get this out. “What happened to that promise you made? You still remember because I can see it in your eyes. You promised you wouldn’t leave my side and we would have more of those moments right? Well, we have never had another one like that. They always ended up being fights. So what happened to those days when it was so care-free to hang out? Oh, wait, I know. You chose to date a leech and now you’re so selfish that you can’t see what has happened to your best friend. He and his family turned me into this.” I stood up and pointed to myself, now a shaky figure.

       She stood up and started coming towards me. “How is this my fault? He’s not the one who turned you into this; it was your ancestry. It would have happened at one point. I am not selfish! I never wanted this!” She spread her arms out and shook them side to side a little. “I didn’t want the fighting for me but you and the Cullens have turned me into a territorial issue. So, yes, blame me if it makes you feel better.” She poked my chest after each word, emphasizing her sentence.

       This topic has always made Bella cry but she held her tears in and now she looked like she would burst at any moment. At this point, the fighting has stopped, the vamps were dead, and Edward rushed over to take Bella away from me because I was shaking so hard. I just stood there, staring at where Bella used to be standing.

       Gathering my thoughts together in my head, I decided against going after Edward again and ran towards the deepest part of the forest. Is it all good if I go to your stinky house to pick up Kat? I sent towards Edward and looked back to see that he nodded and I turned back, phasing automatically.


       Once I was at the Cullens’ house, I phased back and went inside, knowing the two were expecting me. Esme was right there at the door to greet me. “Hello, Jacob. Kat is over here.” She led me towards the spacious living room where Kat was watching TV.

       “Isn’t there anything else on that you can watch?” I chuckled, noticed she was watching Romeo and Juliet.

       She looked back at me and smiled. “No, not really. How can you stand the smell in here?” She fanned her nose, throwing a playful glance at Esme who knew she was playing around.

       “Let’s just say I’ve had two years of experience hunting vamps and coming here a lot.” I sat down by her, taking her hand. She scooted closer towards me and held my hand with both of hers.

       “Why do you come here a lot?” She asked, scrutinizing me.

       I held my hands up to defend myself from her pointed look. “Hey! I…uh… only come down here to strategize and stuff.” Thankfully, she bought that and gazed back at the television. Soon, I’m going to have to tell her about Bella. Maybe.


       After an hour or so, the others came back. “Hey Lovebirds! What are you two still doing here?” Emmett chimed.

       “She just wanted to finish this movie.” I glanced at Bella, who was holding onto Edward’s arm, looking at Kat. I looked back at Kat. “Hey Kat. Let’s go home and maybe we can borrow this from Esme.” I got up and offered my other hand to Kat so she can get up.

       “No thanks. I already know what happens.” She took my other hand and looked at Bella. “Um, hello. May I ask why you are staring at me?” She chuckled nervously while Bella looked away.

       “Sorry.” She went into the kitchen, red-faced, while Edward was trailing behind her. I turned my gaze back to Kat who was still staring towards to kitchen.

       “Is she human?” She quietly asked.

       “Yea, she is.” I slowly walked ahead, giving Kat the hint. “Come on.”

       “Wait… She’s dating that leech? How does that work? I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten bit yet.” She laughed.

       “Just come on before you get hurt.” I said trudging her towards the front door just as Bella came out of the kitchen.

       “You haven’t told her who I am yet?” She yelled at me. She ran towards us and I ran Kat out the door before Bella could grab her.

       I turned, blocking the door so Bella couldn’t get her. She had this incredulous look in her eyes like she’s gone crazy. “Hey! I just imprinted on her like two days ago! You shouldn’t expect me to tell her my life story in a short amount of time, especially with what has been going on.” She didn’t let up and I looked in towards the house and none of the vamps seemed to be doing anything about it. “Hey Eddy! Come get your crazy, out of control girlfriend!” I called.

       Bella broke through my shield and rushed over to Kat who was standing there, confused.

(Kat’s POV)

       When Bella broke through Jake’s “wall”, I thought she was going to kill me or something. “Did you imprint him back???” She yelled, grabbing onto my shoulders.

       Jake stopped in his tracks and stood waiting for my answer. “Yea, I did.” She gasped but didn’t let go of me. “Who are you exactly?”

       “I’m Bella. Jake used to love me before you came around. We used to hang out all the time before Edward and his family showed up but now we aren’t as young as we used to be. Since you’re his imprint, he’s not going to hang out with me anymore. I will always hate you for taking him away from me but I wish you two a happy, supernatural family.” With that, she let go of my shoulders and gave me a slap in the face.

       I stumbled back and stood straight up again, watching her go to Edward’s side before I ran towards her and grabbed her arm. “Why do you think you can just slap me and think you can make a dramatic exit like this?” I growled, shaking now.

       “What do you mean? This is not dramatic.” She chuckled and I saw that look in her eyes coming back. She was selfish just like I saw in Jake’s mind.

       I was just about to slap her like she did with me when Jake pulled me back. “I said in house come on before you get yourself hurt and now look what you’re doing.” He snapped at me, venom dripping out of his words. I gasped and looked at him, seeing that it was clear on his face he still loved her.

       Before he realized his slip, I glanced at Bella who was being held back by Edward, and I ran towards the trees, not wanting to listen to his sorry pleas.


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this was a really good chapter, but how can Jacob still love Bella if he imprinted on Kat? is that just to add more drama?

Even though he imprinted, the feelings for Bella didn't die in memory so he still feels the feelings for Bella yet loves Kat with his whole world... Thanks for reading and your question!
Ah yes... I believe so. Thanks for reading!

Ok, I had spring break so I decided that last week I wouldn't post but here I am now and I will try to post tomorrow too. Also, any white men reading this take no offense plz! It's just her new personality so she's really rebellious. BTW, this has happened to me because I'm native and the white men are so racist towards me, I have no interest in them at all.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Twilight characters, only their thoughts and actions in this case. I also do not own the song "End of the World" by: It Boys. I do own, however, Kat, Damien, Jason, Adam, and Claudia, plus whichever characters might appear. Without further say in my part, please read on!!

                                                                     Chapter 12: Waiting for the Truth

(Kat's POV)

       I had no idea where I was going but I knew I had to get far away so I couldn't get in HIS way anymore. As I ran, I found he had the nerve to run after me but I felt he felt sorry for me, so I cut his thoughts out of my head and continued on my journey.

       As soon as I knew where I was going he backed out, obviously not wanting to go to Toronto, Canada. I've heard through the tribal meetings, we have another tribe up there that we have a treaty except Jake doesn't like them which is perfect! I continued to push myself, not wanting to get caught during the daylight since I'm white.

       I felt Damien and Sam phase but they stopped coming after me after I sent them a very gruesome message in their heads of what was going to happen to them if they came after me.


***Two Months Later...***

       After I arrived in Toronto, we had a misunderstanding at first but then after they realized I was Quileute, they welcomed me with open arms. From then on, I had two sides of myself. There was the hurting Kat who was still in love with Jacob, and there was rocker, very aggressive side of me who has a boyfriend. The hurting Kat is currently stuck in a state of mind that very rarely breaks through during the night.

       Oh yea, I had a talent that I chose not to show until I met this guy. He was in a band and brought out the secret talent I never knew. Can you believe I actually play the guitar? Yea, me neither but he saw it in me so he helped bring it forward. This guy's name is Jason and yes, he is Native and a werewolf. I have no attraction to white men what-so-ever. They are just so racist towards us so I have no interest.

        So anyway, he invited me to play bass guitar for the band "Maroon Alley" and I couldn't pass it down. Tonight, we are playing in Detroit, Michigan and we need to leave now if we want to make the 6 hour drive there. *******

       I signed my journal and put it in my backpack along with my guitar. With Jason by my side, we went to the car and started our long trip. During the trip, I couldn't help but think what my life would have been if I was still at home. Probably still crappy as it was but I wandered to what it would have been if we didn't have any trouble at all and were just in love. What would have progressed? What could have sprouted if I didn't go? How would life been if Bella didn't exist? As I asked those questions, a few tears slipped past my eyes and I knew that the other side of me was coming up to the surface but I didn't fight this time. Jason never knew of my past life except that I was trying to run from it so he pulled me closer.

By now, we were in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada and I immediately needed to stop at a rest stop. Adam ,the drummer/driver, stopped at a McDonalds and I unbuckled and ran inside in a matter of seconds. I stopped, only to find the restroom, and ran to the women’s area. Sighing, I locked myself in the stall in the corner and put the lid down, sitting on it carefully. As the lead guitarist, Claudia, came in, I rested my head in my hands that were settled in my lap.

       "Fierce, you need to come out. We still have a 2 hour drive ahead of us!" She knocked on the stall door and I groaned. My nickname wasn't the best, but it was better than Kat which still is part of my past.

       "I don't think I'm able to, Clash. My past keeps creeping up on me and it gets real annoying." I sighed again and got up, unlocking the stall. I walked to the mirror across the room while she followed silently.

       "Your fine. All you need to do if fix your look and focus on the future. Do not at all circumstances look into the past. Got it? Remember your nickname: Fierce. I gave you that because that's exactly what you are. Don't forget it." She gave me a warning look and I looked down, guilty.

       "Ok. It won't creep up if I don't think about it." I mumbled to myself, giving it a pep talk type of sound to it, but not reassuring me.

       "That's the spirit! Now let's go meet up with the boys." She walked out, not waiting for me to follow and confident that I would. Of course I followed, walking straight to the car, earning a few stares because I put my rock make-up on and my hair in a high ponytail.


***Two Hours Later...***

       We were backstage waiting for the opening act to finish their song, practicing and rocking out to the song playing.

       Arriving too soon, we were already on our final song. As we got on stage, I recognized a few familiar faces from school and around town. There were a few semi-familiar faces in which I couldn't put a name to but it didn't matter.

Let’s pretend it's the end of the world
one by one
every boy, every girl
let's lace up and go go go
get ready to lose control

       We all sang along with Adam as we looked out to the crowd.

come on everybody we can start a revolution
shake it all together now get your body moving
so here we go
ready 1 2 3

        We used our hands to make the one, two, three symbol for the crowd to chant along. As we did, I caught a few faces from the crowd I never thought I would see here.


let’s stay out all night
I won't stop till the morning light
I wanna party like it’s the end of the world
let's go out by the bay
come on, boys and girls lets go insane
party like it's the end of the world

       I realized which faces they were and I gasped, faltering on my current note but quickly recovering. I never wanted them to see my rebellious side but it looks like it’s too late for that.

let’s pretend it’s the end of the world
we've got no rules
[not gonna do what we're told]

lets stay out till the break of dawn
it doesn’t matter if we make it home

come on everybody we can start a revolution
shake it all together now get your body moving
so here we go
ready 3 2 1

lets stay out all night
I won't stop till the morning light
I wanna party like it’s the end of the world

let's go out by the bay
come on, boys and girls lets go insane
party like it's the end of the world

       I retrieved a wink from a couple of the guys whom I did not want to see here. They keep creeping in my thoughts and now it has become reality.


We’re not gonna make it home
we're not gonna make it home
we're not gonna make it home

let’s stay out all night       
I won't stop till the morning light
I wanna party like it’s the end of the world

lets stay out all night
I won't stop till the morning light
I wanna party like it’s the end of the world
let's go out by the bay
come on, boys and girls lets go insane
party like it's the end of the..

let’s stay out all night
I won't stop till the morning light
I wanna party like it’s the end of the world
let's go out by the bay

Come on, boys and girls lets go insane
party like it's the end of the world


       As we finished the end of the song, the people I dreaded and didn’t want to talk to right now we’re coming towards the front of the crowd. I quickly walked backstage while being followed by Clash like always.

       “What’s wrong? Your look like you’re going to be sick. Are you ok?” She asked way too many questions for me to interpret anything. I shook my head, not wanting to talk and focused on the image I saw earlier. They all had backstage passes around their necks and they weren’t going to let me go without a fight.

       “Yea. You look like you saw a ghost or something.” I could just hear the cockiness in his voice when he spoke.

       I currently was holding on to an edge of a table, with my head in the middle of my hands and sticking my butt out so it made my back straight. All of a sudden, HE poked his head under my arms so he could look me in the eyes.

       “You sure have changed in two months haven’t you? Looks like a rebellious stage to me right Damien?” He looked to the left and I followed his gaze to a disappointed, sideways person whom was one of the people I didn’t want to see me like this. To his right though, I saw the girl that started it all. Bella Swan.

       I stood up straight to give her a dirty look. Then, I looked towards Damien and gave the same look. “Who invited the party crashers? You guys weren’t invited if you didn’t get my message to you two months ago.” I walked over to a different table to get a drink.

       “It’s not my fault my sister decided to run away and join a band. A werewolf band no less.” He glared at me.

       “Well obviously, I don’t feel welcomed at home. Actually, my old home. Toronto is my new home now where I’m welcomed.” I gave a snooty smile and walked over to Clash and the others. Exuding a group hug, I gave a quick kiss to Jason, purposefully trying to make a certain someone jealous. Apparently, it worked. His face flashed a saddened look at the sight but was covered by a mask again.

       “Katrina Brynn Sims. You are coming home with us right now weather you like it or not.” Both Damien and Sam brought out their alpha voice on me. The wolves shook with obedience but I stood strong.

       I laughed. “Don’t you guys remember? That doesn’t work on me unlike these guys. Clearly, some people didn’t care when I ran away.” I needed to walk away before the old Kat came back and agreed to go. I shook my head and started to walk towards the exit.

       Before I could push on the door, someone grabbed my arm. “Don’t just walk away. He’s been miserable ever since you’ve been gone and has been trying to build up the strength and courage to haul up here but he couldn’t because he knows he hurt you. His love for me is in the past and more than anything, he needs you, not me so please I’m asking you to come back for him.” I turned to see Bella’s tears silently falling.

       As if I could see the memories glimmering in her eyes, the old Kat was starting to come back. Silent tears fell as I asked myself what type of person could be so cruel as to conflict this much pain on a person. What a stupid person I am. ------ This is the song that they sang.

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