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Im finding that even though Twiligh is classified as a young reader demographic that it might be more of a young woman demographic.  I mean I am the only guy that I know that has read the books.  A lot of guys around me hate the movies (though to be fair I still hated the first movie as I can't stand Edward) so I was wondering is there any other normal guys out there interested in the series?  I honestly could care less what people think because this is a great Saga, but I just am curious.


Since this is my first post let me say that I love the werewolves and have been a big fan of them before this series.  Jacob reminds me of my attitude and if I was in the book I could most relate to his character.  All things said I am a normal guy that loves rap, football, and video games.  Just Twilight is a very well written, and entertaining Saga.  If there are guys out there then I hope your Team Jacob and not Edward haha.  Also reply if you know any guys that are into it as I can't seem to find any lol. 

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im amazed-ur d first guy on this site ive come to know!but ya,many fans r gals only!im team Jacob too!i still cant believe there r guys out there who actually like the twilight saga!
Well I do like the series because there is more than a love theme. First book I acuatlly read with love.
i am team edward.
why r u team edward?
team jacob is so much better
LOL I'm Jacob because his attitude. I tend to be arrogant and stubborn about what I want that's why I relate to him.
you're right, there's not many guys who like the saga, maybe cause they're unsensitive and they think it's a game and it's fool, but it's not dools, and you know it, so i consider you a really good guy cause you like the saga, i'll add you as my friend!!!!!
Good to see a Guy replied. I don't know about the tattoo thing but us guys know Jacob would have won if a Guy wrote this book
Thanks for all the great replies everyone. Just know I'm not worried if I'm the only Guy who likes Twilight, just was curious. Just nice to know I'm not the only one! Maybe ill try a poll and see what the difference between male and female is. Glad all y'all love that I like the series.
Yeah, I think it's great you like the Saga! My boyfriend and I are totally obsessed with it. He's Team Bella, and I'm Team Jacob, of course. So you're not alone! :)
im team edward
i love jakes humor though
but i love edwards gentleman-ness (i know thts not even a word)
i dont think ur the only guy though
ps. some guys at our school secretly love it but think its girly so they wont admit it but its tottaly not
so ur nt alone


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