The Twilight Saga

Okaay, the first one i wrote was horrible. that doesnt even cover it. the second one, i have no clue cause i deleted before i got feedback. so ... i hope this one goes well...

Chapter 1.
"No second chances!" Cauis shoutes. I look up at him, seeing the rage burning in his eyes, like fire around his black puples. Or maybe that's just because of his bloody red eyes, reminding everyone of us, what we are, and what we drink. He stared into the mans eyes, waiting for an aknowledgement. I look back at the man, with black eyes full of hunger and despair, his face a pale chalky white. He was wearing clothes with holes in them, like they've been ripped away from their home, the holes were scattered everywhere. Having no right place, no belonging. I then realized I was explaining the appearence I took from this man. Who had bleach blonde hair, and scars all over his body. From what I could see. I was waiting for him to speak up to, getting very impatient. "I know." he finally spoke. Cauis shot him a very icy glare, and then turned to Aro, and Marcus. "So?! What are we waiting for?!" he demanded of them, more impatient then I am,clearly.
Aro raised an eyebrow, "Patience my brother." he says. Cauis rolls his eyes, and taps at his knee impatiently. Very impatiently, getting louder and louder each tap. Marcus clears his throat, "So, we have made our discision. No one else has gotten a second chance. So why should you? Therefore, take you last look around." he announces. I smile, and look over at my sister, who wore the same wicked smile on her lovely face. She stares back at me, her eyes full of excitement. "Alec." Aro says my name, which I automatically knew. I start first. Always. I move my stare to the man, smiling the least bit, making him feel numb all over. I watch as his body goes limp, like a pile of goo. "Jane." Cauis says with pleasure in his tone, watching as the man crippled in pain. I look in the corner of my eye at Jane, as she smiled inflicting the worst pain imaginable. I heard the man cry in pain as my gaze slipped away from him, causing my power to move over to Jane instead of him. "Alec!" Jane squealed, turning her gaze to me, but thankfully not using her power on me. I looked over at the man, as he tryed helplessly too esape. Felix caught him, and brought him down, as Demetri tugged on his arm, tearing it off. "That's enough!" Aro shouts, drifting from his seat over to the middle of the room, where the man was in a headlock from Felix. Demetri stepped back, and spit on the ground, letting the venom eat it's way through the rock, leaving a small hole. Felix adjusted his grip on the man, so Aro could rip his head off, and the rest of him after wards. "Now, what's your name?" he asks. I stare at Aro in confusion. "Why should it matter if your just going to kill me?" the man asks. Exactly. Why should it matter? Aro laughs lightly, "Oh, no reason. Just wondering. Now your name?" he asks again. I watch intentively, as the man thinks through his head carefully. "Your magesty asked for you name!" Jane yells, and the man screams in terror, as Jane yet again, shows off using her stupid pain inflicter. "Okay, okay!" the man surrenders. Jane smiles, dropping her gaze. Aro lifts his eye brow, waiting. "Eric." he answers. Aro smiles, "Well nice to meet you, Eric. And, I'm happy your here. To lighten up my day." Aro says. Eric looks up at confused, then understanding, but doesnt say anything. "Okay, well let's do this." Aro says happily. He places his hands on both sides of Erics head, and then slowly, making it last, making it painful for the man, causing Aro to smile. I look up at Cauis who seems to be enjoying it as well.

I walk down to the desk with Jane, Felix, and Demetir. We had to make a quick visit, down to our friends. The Cullens. "Oh, hello dear ones." Gianna greets. I nod, "Gianna." Jane gives a quick smile, and Felix winks. Demetri smiles, "See you ... Later." he says, and winks. I roll my eyes, walking into the elevator, with the rest of them right beside me. "We only stop to eat. Nothing other. There shall be no need." Demetri says. We all nod, agreeing. "I'm starving." Jane complains, and then groans, making us all fall to the floor, feeling the fire. The burn. Stupid little sister! She stops, and smiles, "We eat as soon as we get out of Volterra." she says. Felix nods quickly, as does Demetri. She looks over at me, "Yourso stuburn." I say to her, and shake my head. "What? Is that a no?" she asks, in her high-pitch tone, her puples turn into slits, that tunred invisible with her black eyes. "No. I mean no its not a no. But yes, to the hunting. I was shaking my head because... Oh nevermind!" I sigh, stepping out as the doors opened.
I push open the gates, leading out of Volterra.Jane kept babbling on about how 'hungry' she is, she's lucky she's my sister. Or I reeeaaally would've killed her by now. And I mean it. I hit her up side the head, hard enough to make her feel it. She turned around and slapped me. I roll my eyes, and keep walking pretending I didn't notice anything. "Hmph." she sighs, and walks with me with her head held high. Felix snorted, rolling his eyes. "Drama Queen." he mutters under his breath. Jane stops, turning around to face him, her delicate little hands balling into fists. She sighed, and then kept walking. "Meeeeooow! Evil little kitty, aren't you?" Felix jokes. Jane ignored him, and kept walking. Which would be a good thing, for him. Demetri kept walking too, silently. I chuckle, and keep walking.

We started running after a few hours, and finally hit the border of Forks. "Um, maybe we should go back to Seattle, a more populated place." Demetri wondered. I nod, "Yeah, good idea." I say, Jane groans, turning around stomping off towards Seattle, quickly. We follow after, laughing lightly.
"Ah, Jane. You know how to crack me up." Felix says, with a wide smile. I roll my eyes, "Leave her alone, now. Okay?" I say, stopping him so I knew he was listening. He nods, "Yeah, sure." he says, then keeps walking.
We reach Seattle and quietly make our way around the city, satisfying our thirst.
"Mmmm." I say, dropping the drained body. I lick my lips, and go find the others, after I light the dead bodies, turning them to ash. "Oh, Alec. I think ... Ugh. I feel bloated." Jane whines. Even after her being a vampire, she still complains about her looks. I roll my eyes, "Jane. Shut up." I say, and dodge out of the way, before her fist pounded into my face. "Your telling me. To shut. Up?!" she yells. "Ssshhh! Yes, I did. No I'll do it again. Shut. Up!" I whisper, sternly. She glares, and then we go look for Felix and Demetri.
"Okay, I'm full." Felix says patting his stomach. i nod, "Good. Cause she IS half-human." I say, and pound the left side of my chest, making a sound of a heart-beat. They nod, remembering, "Yeah. I'm full too." Jane and Demetri say in harmony. I nod, and clap my handds together, "Let's go then." I say enthusiastically.
We start runnning back to Forks, through the long forest. That led to the little house, with the yellow-eye freaks. We came to the large window house, and knock on the door, politely. The door swung open, "Alec, Jane, Felix. Demetri.Come in." Carlisle greets. We walk in, side by side. "Where is she?" Felix demands. Carlisle waits hesitant, and I could hear the faint heart-beat upstairs, I looked over at Felix, demetri, and Jane. As there eyes look up at the ceiling. I heard as the heart-beat flitted around, followed by foot-steps coming down the stairs. I look over seeing a young girl, maybe 15. Her beautiful red coloured hair bounce around with every movement she made. Her chocolate brown eyes, and then the sparkle of her skin as the sun came through. She stared back at me, her eye-brows raised, and then rolls her eyes making a disgusted sound. "Are these friends of yours, grandpa?" she asks, with a twinkle like delicacy to her voice. "Some-what." I answer for him, she looks over at me and shakes her head. "I wasn't asking you." she says, and then smiled un-willingly. I look up at the stairs where Edward, the father stood then in front of her, protectively. I snort, "We're well fed. No need to protect her. Which brings us back to the reason why we're here." I explain. Edward nods, "She's fine. well, perfect. And it's not that I was protecting her from that. Your thoughts are brutal. What can I say, I'm a father." he says. I nod slowly, and he frowns, noticing that I wasn't just nodding. That I was actually ... checking her out. "Weelll, am I just called Skippy now? C'mon who are they?" Renesmee asks impatiently. I smile, "I'm Alec." Jane looks over at me with the are-you-kidding-me look. "Jane." she says, and then glares at me, no with the can-we-leave-now face. "I'm Felix." he says winking at her. I roll my eyes, as she did the same. "Demetri. My-my, it's been awhile." he says, eyeing her. So appearently I'm not the only one drawn to this little girl. She looks at him confused, and then up at her father, wit the same confusion. "Long story." Edward mutters. She nods slowly, and smiles, "So I guess you know my name then." she says with a hint of a disapointment in her tone, that mixed with her bell-like voice. We all nod, "Renesmee." I say, making her name seem like royality. She blushes and nods, and then looks down at her ... cell phone. "Well, Im outta here. Nice seeing you all. again, I guess. Jacob calls!" she says happily, and danced up towards me, with her hand extended. I look at her confused, "C'mon. Your that old? It's called a hand shake." she states, I roll my eyes. "I know." I say, taking her hand gently, feeling how soft her hand was, and shake it. She then went over to Felix, and he takes her hand and kisses it, "Nice to see you again, ms. Renesmee Cullen." he says, and then let's go of her hand, as I see the blush rise to her cheeks. She walks over to Jane, and she refuses to take her hand, by looking away. Renesmee nods slowly and moves over to Demetri, "Renesmee. I can't help it, of how beautiful you are." he comments, taking her hand, and kisses up her arm. She shivers, shaking her head and pulling away from him. "Uh ... Okay? Well ... Hope my dad doesn't tear you up. Bye!" she says and runs out the door. I look over at Edward, as he glares, at Demetri mostly. "Watch it." he warns, Demetri steps back with hands up, "Ooooh, I'm scared." he jokes, rolling his eyes. I sigh, "well our work here is done. So we shall head off now." I announce. Edward clears his throat to get our attention.
"It's kinda early, you think you could wait awhile. Till dusk? We wouldnt want any suspision. Y'know..." he wonders. I nod slowly, "Okay, we'll ... stay. Until dusk. no longer." I say, as they all nod. I like being the 'favourite'. Well, sometimes I'm the favourite. Depending on how much Jane shows off. Edward chuckles, and gestures us to sit down. "So, she is well- behaved?" Jane asks. Edward nods, "Oh yes, very much. She only drinks animal blood, when she drinks blood. she's starting to loose her vampire ... diet. She's more into human food now." Edward explains. I nod, "Good." Jane says, "I wouldn't want to kill such an angel." she finishes. I roll my eyes. She is an angel. "Um, who's Jacob?" I ask, curious. He chuckles, "Her best friends. One of the, er ... shape-shifters. who imprinted on her." he explains. "Shape-shifter?" I ask. Felix's eyes went big, "You mean the dogs from ... before?" he asks, his eyes still huge with surprise. Edward nods, "Great. I got bigger competition then I thought." he sighs, and then chuckles, "Just kidding. She's not my type, I was trying to make buddy here jelouse." he looks over at me, and smiles. I look at him confused and he rolls his eyes. Demetri laughs too, clearly he was doing the same thing. Jane looked at me, "You ... That's ... Disgusting." she says looking around, avoiding eye contact with me. "Okay, now who said I like her?" I ask, as everyone laughed. Even Carlisle. "Please. I don't even need to hear your thoughts to know." Edward says, still laughing. I roll my eyes, "Alright, alright. Stop, your driving me insane. Laugh at somebody else, so i can laugh at them too." i say, jokingly. They all laugh, and then stop, "No, you out-shine your sister right now." Felix says, shaking his head. I sigh, this is going to be a long day.

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that was amazing nikia, good job... sorry i'm a bit slow but whats alec's power??
Chapter 2 time to go

Jane stood up,looked around the room and then said" time to go"
Demetri then looked at the time and said "im afraid Jane is righ
t itis time for us to start our journey back to Italy"
his head and said i will be sure to tell her.Jane shot
Edward a fierce look "what did he just tell you to do Edward she demanded"
nothing Jane just to tell Renesmee sorry he could not see her before it was time
for you all to head back."OH" Jane said while shooting an disgusted look.Alec
just put his head down while Carlisle stood up as Bella walked down the steps
and said "thank you for your visit and send a hello to Aro for me
"that's when Bella walked to Edward and sat on his lap and Felix
got up"i will,and thanks for for allowing us to visit"Bella snorted and said
" like we had a choice"Bella mumbled knowing that everyone could hear
her.that's just when Jane reached her limit and tried to to cause Bella unbearable
pain as soon as Bella found out wat she was trying to do a big smile spread across
her face and that's when Emmett(which no noticed in the other room)Alec,Felix,and
Demetri all bursted out in a house rumbling laugh even Edward and carlisle couldn't
help but laugh.alec then rapped his arm around his sister and said have a sense of
humor this is why ppl think the volturi and the guard are so horrible
Jane slapped his hand off her shoulder 'lets go"she demanded" but i
didn't get to say bye to renesmee"Alec said

we were just out of Seattle when Demetri turned to me and asked"do you really like renesmee"
shut up but you have to admit that Bella and Edward has the most beautiful daughter
uh can you shut up talking about her Alec before i make you
yea sure Jane cause me pain just because you don't like her
its not that i don't like her then she pause for just a 16th of a second and then said yea your right i don't like her or any of those Cullens because i don't get why she wasn't destroyed in the first place
all of us shot her the coldest look "look none of us adore them either but they are inisant and that gos against the reason
for the volturi and the guards existence our jobs is to fix and correct mistakes and to punish those who make them not to punish the unguilty then every one was in silence as we kicked up our speed not saying another word
please post more

ahh! good job. i love it. lol. xD im here for like maybe 30mins. so i might add a bit xD :D
Okie, switiching it to Renesmee's pov!!!
Chap 3 ... ?
I walked around with Jake most of the time on the beach. jus hanging out. And for some reason, all I could think about was ... him. Not Jake, for once. Which to me, is odd. I'm always thinking about him. Always. But, Alec. Something was different about him. Something, special. I've never felt this way about someone, besides Jake. But it was more of a, brotherly-sisterly love, type deal. But, with Alec ... I'm not sure. I used to have a small crush on Jake, but, I'm too young for him. But, Alec ... Okay, maybe I'm just over estimating everything. We really didn't even meet. I guess I'm just taking him for his looks...
"Renesmee? Yoo hoo, you there, honey?" I heard Jake ask suddenly. I shook my head, letting my thoughts drift some place else. He took my hand, walking towards the ocean.
"Um, where do you think your taking me ?" I ask him, stepping a few steps back from the water. I never had a good experience with swimming. I don't even know how to. I've never tried, I'm probably good, because of me being part vampire. But, that's just me bragging about myself again. I watched as the sun slowly crept up from behind the clouds, and my skin started to sparkle lightly. I jumped, I haven't seen myself like this since I was little. It's been awhile since there's been sun... Then the sun disapeared again, the clouds winning the fight. I sighed.
Jake took hold of my chin, bringing it up to his face. "What's wrong, Nessie?" he asks, staring into my eyes. This was ... uncomfortable. Very ... uncomfortable. I freed myself from his grip, and he looked at me confused. This was ... odd.
"Jake, I dont know how to swim." I just blurted. he rolled his eyes, "So." he snorted. I crossed my arms, "What's that supposed to mean?" I can be a little over dramatic ... sometimes.
okieeee sorry its SO short, but thts all i cud manage right now ...
when do you think you can write more

it was really good :) plase continue asap!!
sorry,I havent written anything on here,in AWHILE.....I kinda forgot about it. :$
But,I might add some on later tonight...
yay i love it plz add :DD
anyone pleasee continue???
ahh!! sorry, i forgot AGAIN!!
I've been so focused on my other story...ah,sorry!! i'll try and write more soon,unless someone else wants to add on..


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