The Twilight Saga

(This is a continuum of my previous writing, 'My Ending to Eclipse' )

Chapter 1 [?]

I sighed heavily and stared out the window.

"Jacooobbb,"I whined, "I'm bored out of my mind. Can we at least go cliff jumping?"

I wanted a thrill. Since last month when these "Cullen" people showed up, Jacob has been more over-protective than usual. I put my head in my hand and waited for his answer.

"Bella, you know how I feel about that. You got a head injury last time." He said bringing a glass of water to me.

"Yeah but I don't remember ANY of that!" I took the glass forcefully, a little bit of water toppling over the edge and onto the tiles.

"Exactly. So, no." He turned and made his way to the door. I followed him. 

"Are you going out again?" I asked taking a sip from the glass.

"Yeah, I have to do some perimeter searching." He said taking off his shirt.

I looked away warily. "But you did that yesterday."

"Yeah well, Bella, there are people out there that want to hurt you! Just for staying with me!" He yelled. I took a step back blushing red. I rubbed my neck and looked out the window.

"I understand that I just need...time...alone, perhaps." I muttered. No wait. I didn't need time alone. What was I saying?


"Look, if you want to go out for a bit, I don't care. Just don't leave town, or go deep into the woods, okay?" He sighed and grabbed my face, gently putting his hot palms on my face. I looked into his eyes and asked him if he was going to come home any time soon.

'I'll be back at, around, 10:30, maybe.' Ten thirty my arse. He's never back on time and that's aggravating.

I heaved another sigh and grabbed my coat and my wallet to venture into the small town, of which is a town. I saw Jessica on the beach and I waved, as she ran towards me.

"Bella! I'm glad to see you, it's been, what, a week now? Where do your friends keep you holed up? They should share some of the fun." She winked and grabbed my hand. Dragging me towards the fire that Mike and Eric lit up, she pointed to a log and told me to sit. I obediently sat down and stared into the breathing fire.

"Hey Bella!" Mike exclaimed and sat down beside me. "How's everything, how bout that buff man of yours? The Indian one?"

I slapped him on the arm. "Be more nice, and yeah. I guess we're fine. And hey, do you guys know anything about these people named 'Cullens'?" 

They all looked at each other, and I knew instantly that something was up.

"Oh, yeah, no. I dunno who they are. Maybe some foreigners?" Mike answered putting his hand on my shoulder. He popped a marshmallow out of his pocket and gave it to me. "Marshmallow?"

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