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Hey guys and girls! How is everyone? For a while now I have stepped back and kind of just let the Team Jacob group blossom. Now I want to get to know all of you and be involved in the group discussions so that we can make this a fun group. Just leave a comment below and we can chat:)

Official Team Jacob Captain

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kwl i wanna no though, sorry if i offend u i dont mean to just genuinly interseted, how did u become the official captian?? xx
I get that a lot:) It's okay. Umm. . . Basically the creators of the site held a writing contest during the summer. We had to write about why we should be chosen to be the Team Captain and I won!
What did you write? Can you post your entry so we can see it?
I would but I deleted it from my computer a long time ago:( Sorry!
Thats so cool!!!!
I wish i could've entered but i live in Canada :(
So what's up!?!?!
Im Sophia lol
Nothing much. I'll be out of school this coming up week for fall break so I will be on here often:)
thats cool :) we dont get fall breaks at my school :(
Sweet! :D Nice to meet you leader! XD
yes nice to meet you

Nice to meet you ^ ^
Hi, I'm new . Nice to meet u ! :3
hey captain !
nice to meet you :)


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