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Hey guys and girls! How is everyone? For a while now I have stepped back and kind of just let the Team Jacob group blossom. Now I want to get to know all of you and be involved in the group discussions so that we can make this a fun group. Just leave a comment below and we can chat:)

Official Team Jacob Captain

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Hey captain, it's a pleasure to meet you *holds hand out for a handshake*

I'm Sonia and I'm one of Jacob's biggest fans i absolutely adore everything about him so if there are any updates in anything please let me know! thank you! :)
Nice to meet you, Sonia. *holds hand out and shakes back*
Nice to meet you! Is it fun being the Team Jacob captain? :3
That's pretty awesome :D You play a pretty big role for us Jacob enthusiasts XD
hi, i love jacob. HE IS T-TOTALLY HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey.. is nice to c u around .. so wat do u think so far about all the comments we post here...
hey nice to meet you
I am a girl:) And I am doing great!
It's a little rainy here and hot and muggy:(
Hi! *hehe* so glad to be on team Jake! I have a question: why are you team Jacob? (Besides the obvious "Taylor is so cute" thing. He really doesn't have to much to do with the real Jacob) I'm team Jacob because he's kind, and funny (totally hilarious in some cases), and really helps Bella during New Moon. Plus, wolves are totally awesome! So, what do you like about Jacob?
I will explain the answer to your question in my upcoming blog post this Wednesday:) But thanks for the inspiration for a topic to write about!


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